How To Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon Or Espeon 100% Of The Time Without Using The Eevee Name Trick

Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon Or Espeon

Over the last few days, we’ve had to do a lot of research and guesswork to make sense of all of the new features and Pokemon that have been added to Pokemon GO. One of the biggest things we discovered is that you can evolve Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon by using the Eevee name trick.

But aside from the naming trick, how else can you evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon? After evolving countless Eevees with no success, the Internet had all but confirmed that it was impossible to evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon through normal evolution. So, how exactly is it done?

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Well, the current theory (which has a lot of supporting evidence) comes straight from the original Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver games. In those games, in order to evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon you needed to get your Eevee’s friendship level to at least 220, and then level it up.

If you did this during the day (between 4:00 AM and 5:59 PM), your Eevee would evolve into an Espeon. If you did it at night (between 6:00 PM and 3:59 AM), your Eevee would evolve into an Umbreon. Since there is no “friendship” meter in Pokemon GO, we have to use a slightly different method to evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon.

Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon Or Espeon
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

The current theory goes something like this: Make Eevee your buddy Pokemon, walk 10km with Eevee as your buddy Pokemon (and receive 2 candies), and then evolve said Eevee during the day to obtain an Espeon, or during the night to obtain an Umbreon.

After many attempts by many different people from all over the world, this seems like it might be the only way to evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon after exhausting the Eevee name trick (and unlike the name trick, this method should work an unlimited number of times).

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But, before you rush off and try it for yourself, there are a few things you need to know. First, the game decides whether it’s day or night based on your local time. If the game’s music and display are night time, then it’s night time. Same goes for during the day. Second, make sure you close the app and re-open it just to make sure your Eevee has actually done the full 10km of walking.

What do you think of this method to evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon? Do you think Niantic made it too hard to evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon? Or do you think it’s a challenging (but fair) requirement? Let me know your thoughts in the comment’s section below!

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  1. Didn’t get the second espeon even after walking 10 km. Some thoughts for those who failed like I did: leave eevee attached as a buddy until you decide to evolve. After I hit exactly 10km I switched it out so that I could use the walking on another Pokémon. Perhaps leaving the eevee attached as a buddy and going a little bit over 10km will work. I have yet to test this but will try to get back and confirm. Good luck.

  2. I did the name trick for Espeon and I don’t know if my phone glitched or what, but it ended up turning into a Vaporeon but it shows that I’ve seen an Espeon in my pokedex. Wtf? Now whenever I try the name trick again it’s doing the random evolution. wahhhhhhh.

  3. Walking evee to evolve into umbreon or espeon did not work at all. I walked 4 evees for 11 km to make sure and evolved them 2 at night and 2 during the day and they just evolved into vaporeons and jolteons so this method doesnt really work either

  4. Quit bitchin people. Evolving from naming is such a lazy ass way to do it considering how it’s been done in other Pokémon games , so the fact that anyone would complain because they actually have to work/walk for a good Pokémon is just pathetic, lol. Want a good strong Pokémon ? Work at it, or you’ll just be a subpar trainer:)

  5. Name trick worked for the first Espeon and Umbreon.
    I tried it with more Eevee’s and it didn’t work.
    I also walked 10 km with my Eevee and the Eevee didn’t evolved to an Espeon or Umbreon.

    How I can get a second Espeon or Umbreon?

  6. I had one trick that worked being with these names . For espeon I jused Sakura and for umbreon I jused Tamao . And it worked like a charme .

  7. SUPER P*SSED about this evolution “trick”! It’s been a huge problem for me at all, playing PG since it came out. First off, I’m disabled…in a wheelchair. Second, I live in Canada, & it’s WINTER. That means cold, (only -3c today) and SNOW. Third, tied in with number 2, is that it’s almost impossible to get around in a wheelchair in the winter here. I live in a small city, but the term “city” here is VERY generous! We have only about 13,000 people, & the “city” doesn’t care if sidewalks are usable for pedestrians, let alone a wheelchair user. And I can’t afford thousands of $$ for an electric chair, so mine is manual. Try getting around in a manual wheelchair, in the winter, IN THE SNOW, even WITH a companion? (& I’m usually alone) To try to get out in winter AT ALL is a huge challenge, let alone do 10km for ONE evolution????!!!! #%!*%?!£#%!! And it’s not like I can go to the ONE “mall” we have, (I use that term loosely bc it’s at less than 40% capacity) & go from one end to the other & back, because Niantic “fixed” that sometime last year, & now GPS tracking won’t allow you to count distance already travelled. (It’s a long, complicated thing, all I know is it stops me from doing it) And even though this is TECNICALLY a city, it’s clearly a rural area…& Niantic seems to agree! We have maybe 20 Pokestops in the whole town, & they are all “bundled” close together, in groups, NONE of which are even REMOTELY close to my house. 70% of them are “uptown”, with the bulk in 2 more “clumps”, one near the “mall”, & one near our “recreation area”. (Pool, high school, curling rink & skateboard park…all these buildings are together with a parking lot in the middle. And these 4-5 stops are JUST out of my reach. Close enough to taunt me on my “Nearby”, not close enough to get. I’d have to travel 3-4 blocks, in the snow, AFTER getting bundled up & manuvering my wheelchair out the door & down the unshoveled, icy & dirty sidewalks. (It’s SUCH a huge tease!!!)
    Even BEFORE this update, I was having major issues. Yes, I’ve had problems since day one, but the last several months it’s been a nightmare. I’m not sure what the spawn rate is, but did read somewhere that Niantic was increasing it for more rural players. Since then, there are days when I didn’t get ONE Pokémon! I’d leave my phone plugged in, & wait. The longest one I recorded properly, (not on days where I got nothing, & where I marked the time of start, as well as time of spawn) was 1 hour & 17 minutes!! At that point there was STILL no spawn, so I closed the app. I have left it open (app) for HOURS while watching tv, & doing other things & I might get one or two in an evening. I thought there was code or something, that no matter where you were, even if you NEVER MOVED from that spot, that you should get a spawn every 20-30 minutes or something. I’m mainly bedridden at home, but could still play a bit, but now i can’t. And the odd time I CAN, ( up till this last update) all that DID spawn was Pidgeys, Weedles, & Rattattas mainly, with the odd Veonat, Caterpie, etc. The only time I got a few good ones is when I was out of the house with my husband for trips to the city, (1 hr or more away) for doc appointments, shopping, etc. I STILL only have about 65-70 of the first set of Pokémon. And because I have no poke-stops close to my house, I’m having to constantly BUY poke balls to play.

    I have WAY more complaints, valid ones, but am too tired to bother. This game is EXTREMELY unfair to the disabled, rural players, & players in cold weather climates. (As well as others I am sure I’m missing…sorry if I am) And unless you have some major issue, Niantic doesn’t care. They don’t even have a customer service! I’ve tried Twitter & the like, but to no avail. I guess this Eevee transformation is the final straw for me. I won’t be playing anymore.

    • It’s unfair to hockey players when there’s only basketball court around. It’s also hard for checker players to play on a monopoly board. It’s a free game, it’s life. Suck it up and quit yer bitching lady!

    • It only works once. If you name another eevee the name to get it to evolve, it fails and randomly evolves to one of the base 3

  8. The eevee name trick does work an unlimited amount of times if u delete the name after evolving your we’re. For example try evolving we’re into flareon with the name pyro after wards remove the name pyro and put a different name or just leave it blank then use pyro on a different eevee.

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