This Is Everything We Know So Far About The Gen 2 Update In Pokemon GO

Gen 2 update in Pokemon GO

Gen 2 has only been a thing in Pokemon GO for around 36 hours, yet there is already so much misinformation, clickbait, and outright lies circulating the Internet that it’s time to make a list of everything we know for sure about the Gen 2 update in Pokemon GO.

#1: Gen 2 Pokemon have been released. This is an obvious one, but I kid you not, a couple of hours ago I saw a website claiming that it wasn’t out yet, and that it was all some elaborate hoax. Yeah, right. Moving on.

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#2: When you start a new game in Pokemon GO, the Pokemon you can choose from are still the original Gen 1 starters. This is one of those “so what?” pieces of information, but hey, at least now you know for sure! (Kind of sucks that we weren’t given a choice of a Gen 2 starter earlier today, but oh well.)

#3: You’ll receive additional candy when you catch an evolved Pokemon. This was already discovered before Niantic tweeted it out, but I’m glad they did because now it’s officially official. Also, and Niantic didn’t tweet this, but you get extra stardust when you catch an evolved Pokemon too.

The exact amount of additional candy and stardust you receive is 2 candy and 200 stardust for a middle evolution (think Charmeleon), and 7 candy and 400 stardust for a final evolution (think Dragonite). This means the total candy you’ll receive is either 3, 5, or 10, and the total stardust you’ll receive is either 100, 300, or 500, when catching a Pokemon.

#4: We all know that there are two new berries in the game, but did you know that you can only use one at a time? If you try to use a different, or an additional berry on a Pokemon before throwing a Poke Ball, the game won’t let you. You’ll have to think hard and decide between double candy or an easier catch.

#5: Togetic is spawning in the wild. Yep, you used to have to evolve a Togepi (which you first had to hatch), but now it seems that Togetic is out in the wild ready to be caught. Be warned, though; it’s incredibly hard to catch, and most players are forced to waste 30+ Ultra Balls per encounter!

Gen 2 Update In Pokemon GO
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

#6: You can evolve Espeon and Umbreon by giving them a specific name (“Sakura” and “Tamao”, respectively), but did you know there have been no confirmed reports of their evolution through normal methods? (But if you have done so, let me know in the comment’s section below, please!)

This has given some steam to the theory that you need to make an Eevee your buddy, rack up a certain number of steps, and then evolve it either at night or during the day to get an Umbreon or an Espeon. More research will be needed before a definitive answer is produced!

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#7: As it stands, there are no confirmed regional exclusive Gen 2 Pokemon in the world of Pokemon GO. Edit: It is all but confirmed that Heracross is a South American regional exclusive. Heracross reportedly spawns below the Tauros line, which means some areas of the USA will be able to catch one.

#8: The movesets of many Gen 1 Pokemon have been changed, and Lapras has had a fairly large reduction to its base stats. On the topic of stats, all of the base stats and movesets for the Gen 2 Pokemon have been recorded, and are available for all to view at The Silph Road. Familiarize yourself with the new Pokemon, and then obliterate your competition in the gyms!

#9: Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee candies have been turned into Tyrogue candies. Tyrogue requires 25 candies to evolve, and will evolve into either Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, or Hitmontop. We’re still not entirely sure how the evolution is decided – it could be random like Eevee, there could be a naming trick involved, or, it could be based on Tyrogue’s stats (most likely theory) like in the main series games.

#10: We just got a nest migration a full week (well, nearly a full week) early. And to make things even better, Gen 2 Pokemon have been thrown into the mix, popping up all over the world in droves at various nest sites. I’ve got a Totodile nest near my house, so I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend!

Gen 2 Update In Pokemon GO
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

#11: Ditto has been spotted pretending to be Sentret, Hoothoot, and Yanma. Ditto may be out there disguised as other Pokemon, too, but as it stands there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case. More research will need to be undertaken before we can say for sure.

#12: New level up bonuses have been found that include the new items added to the game. When you reach certain level milestones, you’ll receive some Nanab and Pinap berries as a reward. Currently we know that players between level 31 and 35 will receive berries on level up, but they may also be rewards for levels lower than 31. More research is required to know for certain.

#13: A new catch bonus has been added to the game. If you’re skillful enough to catch a Pokemon with your first throw, you will receive a catch bonus of 50 EXP. If you catch a Pokemon while using the Pokemon GO Plus, you will also receive this bonus.

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#14: New clothes have been added for character customization. The vast majority of the newly added clothes will cost you Poke Coins, but a select few are free which is always nice for the free-to-play players. Then again, who really cares what your avatar looks like anyway?

#15: Unown is not a regional exclusive (and has been caught in many Countries), while Smeargle is unavailable for all players. Basically, Smeargle has no moves, no animations, and cannot spawn in the game. There’s a theory that Smeargle isn’t in the game yet because its signature move “Sketch” is hard to program (like Ditto’s “Transform”), so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

#16: Oh yeah, and Delibird hasn’t been caught/hatched yet either. And that’s pretty much all we know about the Gen 2 update in Pokemon GO. Is there anything we missed? Anything you think we got wrong? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment’s section below!

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    a website being prohibited from the Google index.

  2. I got nanab berries for leveling to 20 but not to 19 I quit shortly after the original tracking system ceased to function. And just leveled to 20 a few hours ago.

  3. For #11 ditto it is true he is disguised. You know you came across a ditto when you have more then 3-5 same Pokémon in the area. You have to chose the one with the red ring around it not the green,yellow or orange. Has to be red also you will also notice that the hp is low but the ring is red. Same as how when u catch pikachu the hp is low but has a red ring. I found this out by watching the episode with ditto and realized it does have a connection just like when you put certain names for evee to get the desired evolution.

  4. Ditto confirmed as sentret in Missouri. I was near a one-stop when I found it. Also poke stops have a 5-7 minute item redrawn so be ready for that. Vaporeon is still meta on gyms but can be defeated easier than before.

  5. For items like Iron Coat and King’s Rock, needed for specific evolutions, my partner and I got them from our 7th day pokestop. Don’t know if they will drop from other days, but did drop for us.

  6. There is a new evolution available for the slowpoke but it requires a special item. No idea what that is yet…

  7. Its a critical capture, they added it into the game… and so far there isnt any tips for evo item drops, i have 3 (2 king’s rock, and 1 dragon scale) and i didn’t do anything special that i know of.. i’m thinking the items drop rate may be linked to what biome the pokestop you’re at is. I live near the water and all of the items i’ve received so far are for evolving water type pokemon.. Just my guess tho.

  8. I caught a sentret today. The ball sat there with oh? over it just like an egg and then sentret popped out and the screen burst into pink and it was a ditto. #11 confirmed!!

  9. I just evolved 2 Eevee’s (both at night) to Umbreon and Espeon respectively. Thanks for the re-naming tip!

  10. Has anyone else noticed how squiggly lines come out of the pokeball sometimes after the first or second shake and then the Pokémon is automatically caught? What’s that all about? Also, I haven’t been able to get any of the evolution items and I’ve been to a million pokestops. Is it just bad luck for me or what?

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