Major Update Incoming? Ditto & The Generation 2 Pokemon Were Just Found Inside Pokemon GO

Generation 2 Pokemon Were Just Found Inside Pokemon GO

Ever since Pokemon GO was first released, there one big question on everybody’s mind: “Where the hell is Ditto?” The pink amorphous blob was no-where to be found, and many players came to the conclusion that Ditto would never be added to the game due to issues with its signature ability “Transform”.

And just when we had given up hope that Ditto would be coming to Pokemon GO, the good folks over at The Silph Road made a discovery. While digging through the data from the latest update, they stumbled upon some pretty important stuff. According to them, both Ditto and all of the Generation 2 Pokemon were just found inside Pokemon GO.

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That’s some pretty extreme news. Here’s the important stuff taken from The Silph Road’s article on the subject:

  • The ability “Transform” has been added to the game, and is a quick move (as opposed to a charge/special move).
  • Sadly, Ditto does not have the move “Transform” yet (it only has the move “Struggle”), but it would only require a small server-side update to change this.
  • 100 new Pokemon are referenced in the game’s code; Starting with Chikorita (#152) all the way through to Celebi (#251).
  • Although the 100 Pokemon have been added to the game code, none of them have any moves yet, and will require a client update before they can start to appear in-game.

To sum it all up: Ditto and the Gen 2 Pokemon were all found deep within the game’s code, but since none of them have been given moves yet, they won’t be available in-game to be caught or battled. This all leads to one very important question: when will Niantic decide to unleash these Pokemon?

Generation 2 Pokemon Were Just Found Inside Pokemon GO

Ditto, being a Gen 1 Pokemon, could be added to the game at any point in the future. Aside from some possible game limitations, there is no real reason to hold back on releasing it. Call me an optimist, but I think we’ll be getting Ditto as early as mid-December, possibly even by the end of November.

As for all of the Gen 2 Pokemon, however, I can’t see them being released for at least another month or two. We haven’t heard as much as a whisper from Niantic about the Gen 1 legendary Pokemon yet, and it just wouldn’t make sense to unleash 100 brand new Pokemon before we have an opportunity to catch ourselves a Mewtwo.

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Whether they’re released in 6 months, 6 days, or 6 hours, there’s nothing we as players can do except wait. Be sure to gather as much candy as you can to evolve certain Pokemon, take advantage of the current event and hoard Ultra Balls and Razz Berries, and prepare for the day that these Pokemon are made available in game.

What do you think about this new information? Are you more excited for Ditto or for the Gen 2 Pokemon? And when do you think they’ll be released? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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