The New Pokemon GO Nearby Tracker Is Now Available In ALL Of America & In Large Parts Of Europe

Pokemon GO Nearby Tracker

For months, the new Pokemon GO nearby tracker was limited to players in San Francisco and California, much to the annoyance of the rest of the world. And then, around a week ago, Niantic added Australia to the test, as well as additional areas in both America and Canada.

Today, Niantic have taken it a step further by including all of the “continental” United States, and “large parts” of Europe in the testing. It seems like the tracker may be gearing up for a worldwide release much sooner than some people had predicted.

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The official message on their Facebook page reads:

Trainers, We will be expanding the Nearby Pokémon feature to the rest of the continental United States and large parts of Europe. We will continue to review the feedback submitted on our official social media accounts and in other channels and make changes if necessary. The Pokémon GO team

For those not in the know; “continental” United States refers to all of the States that are connected by land to the United States. It’s basically their way of saying everyone but Hawaii will be getting access to the new Pokemon GO nearby tracker. Sorry Hawaii, we hope you get it soon.

pokemon go nearby tracker

As for Europe, it’s still too early to tell what areas will be granted access to the new tracker, but if you live in Europe, you’ll be able to tell by simply logging into the game and checking if you’ve got the new tracker. Pretty easy.

But is the rollout of the new Pokemon GO nearby tracker a good thing? Sure, if you live in a well-populated area and have access to hundreds of Poke Stops, it’s awesome. I had the chance to play around with it during the double XP event, and I had no trouble at all finding rare and new Pokemon.

This, sadly, is not the case for rural players. Redditor “enjoyinc” explained what it was like to play in a rural area with the new tracker: “Nothing. Nothing at all. The screen showed nothing. The new system was rolled out. What I had taken for granted in SF (San Francisco) was now all over the nation and, simply put, it doesn’t work. I met up with some friends who played out in my home town and they were so upset over the changes that a bunch of them wanted to stop playing, because they have awful spawns out there to begin with.

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Ever since Pokemon GO was released, it’s seemed like Niantic only care about city players and barely recognize the existence of rural players. Hell, it’s become a running joke online, but they’re going to have to seriously change the way the tracker works if they hope to retain the rural players long term.

Look, I’m an optimistic guy, and I’m trying to stay positive about the new tracker. Yeah, let’s be honest here, it’s severely broken if you’re playing the game in a rural area (like I do), but the overall idea is still pretty solid, in my opinion, and just needs to be ironed out.

But what do you think about the new Pokemon GO nearby tracker? Has it been rolled out in your area yet? And if you live in Europe, could you let me know what Country you live in and if you’ve got the tracker yet? Just leave a comment in the comment section below!


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  1. Hi! I live in London, United Kingdom and it automatically load up the new tracker while I was playing! Maybe 2 hours ago? ( it is now 22.00). If it works, it will make catching Pokemon sooooo much easier. You just need to recognised the area shown.

  2. I live 20 minutes from capitol of Finland, Helsinki. I have felt lucky because there are tens of pokemon spawns around me, even very rare ones (Squirtles, Abras, Bulbasaurs, etc.), so the horrible Sightings has worked ok to me – at least I have known when to take the dog for a walk. There is only one Pokestop at the very edge of the map, so guess how happy I am now with the new Nearby feature, which tells me that there are three Pidgeys 1 kilometer (0.7 miles) away and nothing else nearby (pun intended). I have no glue what I’m now surrounded with. Sigh.
    Why is Niantic making playing the game so hard? They took away the possibility to catch anything in a car/train/buss. Then you couldn’t even collect stuff from the Pokestops. Then pokemap web sites where blocked/ruined. Now Sightings have been taken away.
    Also I get lot’s and lot’s of various errors – assuming because the game has been tuned too sensitive in order to prevent playing it in too fast speeds. Many times the map content doesn’t update fast enough for even normal walking. Pokemon Go Plus doesn’t react on pokemons/-stops. And so on. The reliability has gone down big time.
    I bought the Plus and have spend 50€ on in-game purchase. Summer months were fun, but this is Finland and now it’s freezing outside. There’s snow from October till April! How am I expected to play the game?

  3. Belgium – Ghent

    The new tracker is released here, seems to work nice, but there should be 2 nearby features.

    The one that we have now tied to pokéstops, and a second one like it was before.
    The best way it should be is that you could swich back and forth between the 2 trackers.
    If it should be like that we can see the pokémon tied to pokéstops, and also the “nearby” pokémon like it was before.

  4. I live in Torino (Italy) and we have the new tracking system here. I tried it in the city and it’s nice but I live in a rural area far from the city where there are no pokestops, and it’s a lot worse then before. I had some pokemon spawning here in the surroundings where I live, now they are all gone. All moved near pokestops? No idea. But this game sucks, they dont care about rural players I will probably stop to play it until they don’t do something for us. It’s really easy, they can use the same system for rural area and show you the area where the pokemon is near you (just show on the background of the pokemon some grass instead the pic of the pokestops). But they removed all the pokemon here, so it’s even worse than before.

  5. Hi there. Woke up to find new nearby tracker now live and working on my iPhone here in the UK. Not had chance to try it out yet but looks like could be fun and helpful to find out those last 10 Pokemon I need to fill my DeX before the next 100 mon get released. If there’s so many issues with this system not working in rural areas then instead of modifying the tracker why not just drop a few more pokestops around. Get the gamers to request them and listen to them. That would help and fair things up a bit. I’d love to take a trip in to the sticks and search for more poke critters.

  6. New nearby tracker is available in Estonia. Hate it. What’s the point of a nearby tracker if it doesn’t show ALL pokemons that are nearby??

  7. I hate the tracker. It only shows pokeys that ar at pokey stops. If there is a eare in the area you will never know unless you happen to pass the are.

    • It definitely needs to show mon not near a pokestop. Even if it just shows grass behind those mon, at least you know where they are not and can have a relative gauge of distance.

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