New Pokemon GO Buddy System Will Let Your Favorite Pokemon Walk Alongside You In-Game!

Pokemon GO Buddy System

Ever dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer, leaving home, and travelling all around the world in search of strong, unique, and awesome Pokemon? Me too. And although Pokemon GO is the closest we’ve got to realizing that dream, it still falls a little bit short.

But, that could all be about to change very soon. You see, there’s an update coming. Yes, I know, there are updates every two weeks, but this update is different. It’s not a lame gimmick like the appraisal feature or the grass on the sightings list. No, this update is going to add the ability to assign your favorite Pokemon as a “buddy” and allow it to walk alongside you in-game.

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The new data comes from Aeon Lucid; a developer over at GitHub, who has data-mined the latest update of Pokemon GO and found the hidden lines of code that have hinted at the new feature. And while I don’t know a single thing about code or how it works, I’m gonna do my best to tell you what it means.

The first interesting piece of code makes reference to buddy_medium, buddy_shoulder, buddy_big, and buddy_flying. This indicates that, depending on your Pokemon’s size and/or ability to fly, it could appear differently on the map compared to other Pokemon.

Small Pokemon (like Pikachu) will probably be on your shoulder, medium and big Pokemon (like Charmeleon and Snorlax) will probably be walking next to the player, and flying Pokemon (like Pidgeot) will probably be flying overhead. Makes sense, right?

Pokemon GO Buddy System

The code then goes on to mention candy_earned_count and CANDY_FOUND, which would lead us to speculate that we’ll be able to obtain candy by walking our Pokemon. Something like 1 candy every 1/5/10km walked? And maybe more candy for common Pokemon, and less for rare Pokemon.

This is going to be an incredible feature, because not only would we see our beloved Pokemon on-screen and walking around with us, we’d be able to get extra candy for the especially rare Pokemon that we would otherwise have to grind for (I might finally get to evolve my Dragonair into a Dragonite now!)

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There’s a little bit more to the code, but the free candy and the Pokemon following you is the important stuff. If you want to see everything else that was data-mined, you can click here to see the data over on GitHub.

What do you think of this new information? Are you excited? When do you think this update will be released? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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