Pokemon GO Daily Bonus Event Gives More Items From Poke Stops & Increases Pokemon Spawn Rate

pokemon go daily bonus event

If you keep up with the latest happenings in Pokemon GO, then you’d know all about the new daily bonus feature that’s in the process of being added to the game. What you might not know about, however, is the Pokemon GO daily bonus event that’s happening as we speak.

I’ll forgive you for not knowing about it yet, since Niantic only announced it three hours ago. It’s basically a mini-event to coincide with the release of the daily bonus feature, and will boost the spawn rate of Pokemon, and the number of items obtained from Poke Stops, for the next few days.

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Here’s the official word from the Pokemon GO Facebook page:


We are excited to let you know that the new daily bonus feature is rolling out right now. The daily bonuses reward you with XP and Stardust for your first catch of the day, and XP and extra items for your first Photo Disc spin of the day at a PokéStop. You’ll get an even bigger bonus if you complete these actions seven days in a row!

To celebrate this feature, from November 7th to November 11th, you’ll find more Pokémon out in the world. Moreover, PokéStops will grant more items! Yes – this means more Great Balls, and for Trainers that are level 20 and above – more Ultra Balls!

Take advantage of it while you can and explore your neighborhoods with Pokémon GO!

The Pokémon GO team

pokemon go daily bonus event
Source: Niantic, Fair Use

To reiterate: Daily bonuses are out now. As soon as you receive the update, you’ll be able to start racking up the extra EXP, candy, and items from catching one Pokemon and spinning one Poke Stop every day (with a bonus if you maintain a 7-day streak).

To celebrate the introduction of this feature, Niantic have planned a Pokemon GO daily bonus event that will last for 5 days, and will result in players seeing an increase in Pokemon spawn rates and items from spun Poke Stops.

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At this point, it’s too early to tell just how increased the spawn rates are, or how many more items we’ll be receiving by spinning Poke Stops. But if the Halloween event was anything to go by, we’ll probably be pretty spoiled over the coming 5 days.

What do you think of the daily bonuses? And what do you think about this mini-event that’s taking place for the next 5 days? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  1. the first pokestop of the day may give you a boatload of items, but then the rest of the day it’s 3 or 4. and when you expend 4 or 5 trying to hit a low-level pokemon it isn’t worth it.

    so i collect one pokemon and pokestop a day and on day seven pick up a bunch more. not interested in spending poke balls on pidgeys.

  2. This game has become so boring and I’ve stopped playing because of how repetitive it has become. My kids loved it but to get 200,000xp to level up has made my kids, and myself lose interest. The same pokeman pop up all the time, run out or balls cause a 200 pidgey breaks out of a great ball 5 times and then runs away and the lack of something cool coming out of a 5km egg is down right stupid. This game was such a great way to get the family together every night and now because of the lack of fun, we’ve turned to something else and have un installed the game. Shame on Niantic for stringing eveeyone along and making something so fun, turn into something boring and repetitive.

  3. The extra items was great while it lasted. Unfortunately, here in Denver instead of stopping at the end of the day on the 11th, it stopped sometime in the afternoon on the 11th. Since Pokey stops are few and far in between it made the game more fun and logistically possible because I could actually replace the balls I was using. Otherwise, hunting always reduces the balls WAY, WAY faster than I can replace them. Which is why people are driving by Poke stops. If they would continue the bonuses they wouldn’t have to try so hard to prevent people from driving by the Poke stops. “Drive bys” are a simple result of a severely limited supply (in areas outside metropolitan concentrations) & desire (demand) to catch Pokemon. Nobody wastes their time driving by Poke stops in NYC while in other areas people publish the locations of concentrated Poke stops in order for people to be able to sustain their desire to catch Pokemon.

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