Why Pokemon GO Gen 2 WON’T Be Released On December 7 And The “Leaked” Starbucks Letter Is FAKE

pokemon go gen 2

So around a fortnight ago, an unnamed Starbucks employee caused a bit of a stir on the Pokemon GO subreddit by sharing a picture of an email that they supposedly received from corporate. Inside the email was information about upcoming store promotions, and, more specifically, information that confirmed that Pokemon GO Gen 2 was going to be released on December 7th.

Or, at least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe. In reality, this “leak” is nothing more than conjecture; pure speculation. The email could be (and in my opinion, is) fake, but even if it isn’t fake, we’re almost certainly not going to be seeing second generation Pokemon come to the game on December 7.

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Before we go any further, let’s take a look at all of the information we have available to us. First of all, the leak itself. On the 17th of November, a user made a post to Reddit claiming to be a Starbucks employee who had received an email that warned of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. This is what they posted to Reddit:

I work at Starbucks and this is one of the most recent updates we received from corporate. Now, it’s hard to say whether or not this specifically refers to Generation 2 (although what else could it mean?), whether or not Starbucks and Niantic are partnered up, or if this will even be pushed out on the date specified (things don’t always go to plan). However, it all makes sense to me, but this would be a huge update. Based on the description of the event, it would require Niantic to put a Pokestop at every Starbucks. Lastly, I realize this may seem strange, especially with the “Pokeman”, but it’s a real email and I can send proof to the mods if required. Regardless, this isn’t anything concrete and pretty vague, and no other information was given to us. As a huge fan of Pokemon and Pokemon Go, I couldn’t NOT share the news with everyone. Fingers crossed that it’s gonna happen!

Pokemon Go Gen 2
Source: Unnamed Starbucks Employee, Fair Use

At first glance, it looks like it could be a legitimate email. The Groupon and Facebook promotions are both very real, and the Verizon one could be real, too, but it’s just too early to tell at this stage (we’ll have to wait another couple of days to find out).

When we get to the “Pokeman” part, however, things start to get a little bit messy. If the mistake was only made once, I’d understand. We all mke typos. But to refer to “Pokemon” as “Pokeman” on three separate occasions throughout the email? This just screams that something fishy is going on here.

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But, as some Reddit users have rightfully pointed out, the typos could in fact make the story more believable. If this is a real email, it’s probably coming from somebody in the PR department who might not have played Pokemon GO, so they wouldn’t know that the word “Pokemon” isn’t spelled with an “a”.

That being said, even if the misspelling gives the story a little bit more credibility, it also forces me to ask the question: Are we really supposed to believe that Niantic, the company who like to keep everything “hush hush” before releasing a new feature, would trust Starbucks to keep this secret?

Are we supposed to believe that Niantic are fine with Starbucks sending this same email to (potentially) thousands of employees? Surely Niantic would have anticipated that a leak (of this very nature) could occur, and would have handled the situation differently.

pokemon go gen 2

While we’re on the topic of Starbucks employees potentially leaking the email, why haven’t there been any more leaks? Surely the person who posted the email to Reddit isn’t special in that they were the only employee to receive the email? In a company with thousands and thousands (and thousands) of employees, it seems odd that this email has only surfaced once.

When forwarded to The Silph Road for verification, it was confirmed that the email was, in fact, legitimate (but it was acknowledged that the final paragraph about Pokemon could have been edited.) I’m not sure how the email was verified, but The Silph Road have been nothing short of exceptional when it comes to producing valid information about Pokemon GO, so we’ll just (reluctantly) take their word for it.

But even if the email itself is real , the final paragraph is either entirely fabricated or it’s exactly what it says it is: A Starbucks promotion where Pokestops/Lures will be placed at all stores, and Pokemon GO themed beverages will be sold.

Something similar has already happened in the past. Back in August, many Starbucks across America took part in creating Pokemon GO inspired drinks, so this “Pokeman version 2” could just be a reference to the first event they ran.

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In conclusion: Pokemon GO Gen 2 is (probably) not being released on December 7. What’s far more likely is that, surprise surprise, the Internet has yet again taken hold of some small leak/rumor/outright lie and blown it way out of proportion.

But hey, assuming we don’t get a Gen 2 release on December 7, that’s really no big deal. Niantic have been going overboard lately with updates and events, which means it’s only a matter of time before we do actually get to catch some new Pokemon.

What do you think about all of this? Do you think I’m wrong, and that Pokemon GO Gen 2 will be released on the 7th of December? Or do you think people are getting excited over what could very well be nothing? Let me know in the comments section below!


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  2. I would like a second gen release but I dont think they will do it anytime soon but I wish that they will I want totodile, blossom and umbreon and lots of others in later generations too

  3. I really hope it is true, this is the only thing that could get me excited for the game again. Most real players have caught everything that’s catch-able in their area and while fighting gyms is fun it is ultimately about catching them all. Either way they should do something in December and I think it’s the perfect time to release gen 2 as most people have some time of and time to really grind. Next summer will be much too late I hope Niantic realizes this, the game will be forgotten about. If they do trading or one on one battling it will make the game more interesting for a little while but gen 2 is what we really need.

  4. You make a few valid points, but allow me to tell you why it WILL be released.

    – I hold with the theory that the typos give it more legitimacy.
    – You make the assumption that Niantic DIDN’T want it leaked. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if the email was a fabrication, and it was a Niantic employee who wrote it to INTENTIONALLY leak it. People are getting down on the game because of weather and stale content. So leak out a few weeks in advance the release date, and get people talking and back into the game.
    – This is gonna be a nice Q4 push for Niantic as I’m quite certain there will be a spike in sales. Q4 has otherwise been not nearly what Q3 was, so maybe they are trying to hit a target and just not on the trajectory they’d like. Dropping this will definitely push that up.
    – The winter argument is irrelevant. Just because they drop it in December doesn’t mean players HAVE to go play it then. The Pokemon will still be there when it gets warmer if they want to wait. If anything it might make sales more steady as players who are holding back slowly get back into it.

    There are too many reasons why this is almost for sure legit. I honestly think if this had been false, as much steam as it has gained, Niantic would just come out and say. “Guys….we’re not dropping Gen 2 on the 7th, sorry.” You don’t want people disappointed again.

  5. I’m pretty sure they’d release it either december or june/july, because they got a perfect date at their launch – when holidays began!
    There’s a disadvantage with both dates though: December = too cold, Summer 2017 = too late to keep most players since many people already reached 130+ out of the 146 entries

  6. What is with you pessimistic people? I vote generation 2 will show up. Why? They would be crazy not to capture interest before it’s lost again. Secondly I personally think the misspelling made the memo look more legitimate. After all why are people giving undo credit to middle management at Starbucks?

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