Latest Pokemon GO Gym Update Removes Ability To “Gym Snipe”, And Will Change How Game Is Played

pokemon go gym update

This has been a very good fortnight for Niantic and for Pokemon GO fans. First there was the Halloween event, which was a major success. Then the announcement of the daily rewards and the spawn reduction of Pidgeys, Rattatas, and Zubats, and now there’s a Pokemon GO gym update.

Earlier this morning, Niantic took to their Facebook account (as they have been doing quite a lot recently) and announced that a major Pokemon GO gym update was in the works, and best of all, it’s going to be coming out today (if all goes to plan, that is).

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So, what will be changing? This is taken directly from the official Pokemon GO Facebook page:

  • You’ll earn bonuses for the first Pokémon catch and PokéStop visit each day. You’ll receive a larger bonus when you do this seven days in a row.
  • When you defeat the Gym Leader at a rival Gym, there will be a brief period of time where only you will be able to place a Pokémon in the open Gym.
  • The amount of Prestige a rival Gym loses when you defeat a regular Gym member has increased. The amount of Prestige gained by training at a friendly Gym has been lowered. 
  • Minor text fixes
Pokemon GO Gym Update
via 9GAG

All minor text jokes aside, if you’ve been keeping up with the Pokemon GO metagame, you’ll know that there are two pretty big issues that plague gyms: other trainers poaching a gym that you’ve worked hard to take down, and the imbalance in difficulty between taking down a rival’s gym, and training up your own friendly gym.

In one fell swoop, Niantic have seemingly solved both issues. Introducing a window of time after defeating a gym in which only you will be able to place a Pokemon should eliminate gym sniping, and making rival gyms easier to defeat (while simultaneously making friendly gyms harder to train) makes it much more fair for attacking players.

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And if all goes to plan, we should be getting both gym updates AND daily bonuses in the very next update for Pokemon GO, which, by the way, is being rolled out as we speak. So check the app/play store, grab yourself the update, and start racking up those daily bonuses!

What do you think about the Pokemon GO gym update? Do you think this gym overhaul is a good thing, or will it negatively impact the way you play the game? Also, on a scale of 1 to 10, how hyped are you about the new daily bonuses? Let me know in the comments section below!


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  1. I actually disagree with all of the people here. In my area (and most other areas) all gyms are of the same team and level 10 gyms with very strong pokémon defending it. As a lower level player that makes is impossible for me to capture one of those gyms, meaning that I will never get any pokécoins. Whereas all the higher level players have their pokémon in the gyms and get pokécoins on a daily basis. And those coins help a lot to widen the gap between higher en lower level players! The only players now that stand any chances are the ones that were very much into the game from day one. If Niantic wants to give newer, or lower level, players a chance as well, this is a necessary change in the game. And the whole point for gyms is for them to change owners regularly. Otherwise gym battles would be pointless.

  2. Change it back!!! It’s crap now. It is easier to bring down rival 30000 XP gym then get in to your own that is only 8000. You will kill your top fighting team many times and work on it for ages. Finding revive is very hard now, you can visit 10 pokestops and find none. Yet smashing that gym down is not hard at all for other team. The system just doesn’t work now. I’m level 32 and did enjoy the game.. Now it’s very frustrating. Giving us useless purple blob Ditto doesn’t make up for it. I give them till the new year and then I will give up too if the game doesn’t improve.

  3. Old guy here, that has to wake up pretty early in the morning, to make the rounds of gyms, to get my 10 for the day. Before, I could stay atop or near the top, and be able to keep the gyms for a few days at least. Now, the 10 I get one morning, are all gone by the next morning. Because of the speed cap, I don’t get nearly as many potions and max revives as I was getting, so I sure don’t waste my resources trying to train up one of my gyms’ prestige. The game went south as far as I am concerned.

  4. I agree with the general gist of what’s said. I was maintaining 12-14 level 10 gyms and going around and keeping them built up. Now, it is so imbalanced regarding the rep gain for training vs attacking, that there is absolutely no point trying to build a gym past level 3.
    The winner-lock time-period was the only good thing about the last update.
    Put on top of all of this the stupidity of the speed-limited poke-stops (where I’m standing still, but due to the vagaries of the pokemon-go algorithms I still get warned for going too fast), I’m very rapidly getting to the point where it’s not going to be worth the bother to continue to play.
    Where the rep balance was at before felt pretty balanced.

  5. Niantic has killed the game. We had groups on each team that were constantly battling each other for control of gyms. It was roughly even where it took as long to take a gym as it did to build it. Now they have so slanted it infavor of taking a gym it is no fun. One person can take a level 10 gym down in 10 minutes but it take a team of people working together for hours to build it back up to 10. All the people on each team are looking at each other saying this is no longer fun.

    Change it back. You are losing massive amounts of core players by your change. Make it even again for both sides.

    There are so many things they could have done to make it better.
    1) Get rid of Carping. The practice of having a magic carp put in the gym then beating it over and over again with a pokemon with CP a 1/3 or less getting massive points
    2) Get rid of sniping. The ability to nock one player out of a level 10 gym by beating one pokeomon. It should take 10000 points it took to get the player in.
    3) They added Winner has first opportunity to add in which was the only good change.
    4) If there purpose was to attract new players then add Level 20 and below gyms for those level players to practice on. What they did was make it so their core players will quit.

    As always when someone does not play their own game they have no idea what works and what does not. What they did will lose the core players.

    • I absolutely agree!!! GYMS now has NO “prestige” at all. Unlike before when you see a Level 10 gym, you know core players have put in the time and effort to build it up. Even if you’re from a rival team, you give them props/respect for that. Now all I see are Level 3 or 4 gyms changing teams every hour. No “prestige” at all.

      AND I just noticed when a lower level player battles your Pokémon in the gym, your Pokémon CP adjusts to his/her level. So all the stardusts and candies you used up to build a 3000cp Dragonite meant nothing since at the gym, it is lowered to 2700cp or 2500cp depending on what level player is battling you. No wonder gyms with great pokemons are falling down like dominos. So for now, I am saving up my stardusts and candies (not powering up any of my pokemons); knocking down 10 of these Level 3 gyms in an hour and collect my pokecoins … until Niantic has put back the “prestige” in these gyms.

  6. For a long time I was able to maintain ten- 10th level gyms by working hard and checking them every day and building them back up if they were attacked. They still got taken down sometimes, but it took effort and time to take them down. Just like it did to build them. Now people can take them down in minutes yet it takes hours and hours to build them back up. This is not balanced at all. You are penalizing regular players and I for one would like to know why ? This makes no sense to me. I will give it just a little while longer for Niantic to correct this. Building gyms was tedious and time consuming enough. Now it’s an unacceptable grind that will force me (and others) to quit playing.

  7. Motherfuckers! Gym training is meaningless to me now. If I can’t retain my pokemon in a gym or try to defend it, then all that effort, balls and potions are a waste of resources. I might as well go find ten gyms (close to each other), defeat them easily and claim my 10 tokens for the day and not worrying about losing them. You lose them anyway because of the imbalance. I was happy about the previous process where you can defend your gym (visit your existing gym, top the prestige off daily) now, gyms will be changing colors every minute….AGAIN!

  8. “making rival gyms easier to defeat (while simultaneously making friendly gyms harder to train) makes it much more fair for attacking players.”

    This doesn’t make it more fair at all, it imbalances the game in the wrong direction. Training gyms has always been harder than taking them down, now it has become meaningless while taking down a level 10 gym (which in future will no longer exist) by a single player has become a piese of cake now.
    Please keep in mind that a gym can be attacked by multiple players simultaneously while when training it up you are all on your own.

    • I totally agree, when I see these kinds of updates I feel like I’m playing a different game then everyone else. Why would I spend 10 mins building up prestige of a level 3 gym when I could spend the same amount of time walking around a rival area and take 4 or 5 gyms instead.

      Also, I collect low evolve pidgy, caterpie and weedles to evolve all at the same time while using a lucky egg. I don’t want less of these. Why do I want to spend loads of pokéballs catching a 1200 CP pigiot when i will never use it in battle and I get the EXACT same XP as catching a 10 CP pidgy?

      • That’s not entirely true, though. If I’m out with a couple of friends, and we all take advantage of the lower CP = higher prestige trick, we can power level a gym from 1 to 10 in under 15 minutes EASY. Taking out a level 10 gym takes about as long, difference is all the items wasted that we don’t need to waste when training the gym up.

      • Well, I am experiencing it now that all the level 10 gyms are falling like ripe apples.
        It is that easy: you drain 1000 point for each pokemon in the the gym, regardless of the strength. On the other hand, I get 250 points for each pokemon in training if the CP of all my pokemons is lower, otherwise it will be 125 and less. So, I have to fight and win against 8 pokemons in the gym with 6 pokemons that all have lower CP than the lowest of the 8 to get about 2000 points which are taken away by attackers easily by just battling the lowest two pokemon with the strongest pokemons they have. Plus, they also have the advantage of chosing type advantage and simultaneous fights which means, that with two people you can take down a level 10 gym within 5-10 minutes by just fighting 5 or 6 times through the whole gym.

      • But like you said, it’s a trick. That’s like “going around the rules”, repetitive and soulless. It’s like playing against a little kid, run circles around him and beating him, just so you get prestige points. I don’t know if you could even call that ‘prestige”. Something wrong in this scenario. My point is, I don’t like this part of the update.

      • I reached a point (level 32) where pidgey spam with lucky eggs have become useless. So I just try to get a pidgey with high level and high iv to evolve a pidgeot with wing attack/hurricane. I got one level 28 and 15/14/14 iv and it got steal wing/air slash with 1663 cp. I threw it away since it was useless.

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