Niantic Employee Leaks Details About Possible Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event

Pokemon GO Thanksgiving

Events can mean big bucks for video games, and Pokemon GO is no exception. The Halloween event alone more than doubled the revenue of Pokemon GO, and now that the event is over we’re left wondering when and what the next event will be.

The obvious next event would be Christmas, right? It’s a (somewhat) global holiday, and it’s in December which will give players a chance to recover from the Halloween event. That would be my pick, however, according to an unnamed Niantic employee over at Slashgear, we’re going to be getting a Pokemon GO Thanksgiving event first.

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Before I go any further, I will say this: as of right now, this is nothing more than a possibility/rumor. Hell, normally we wouldn’t even report on something like this, except in this case, the “unnamed source” over at Slashgear also accurately predicted the Halloween event (not just the date, but the whoooooole event.) So yeah, who knows. Just don’t get your hopes up too high.

What should we expect from a Pokemon GO Thanksgiving event? The source said that “planning is not quite complete“, but the event will run for 7 days, and that it will be similar to the Halloween event; double candy from all caught Pokemon, increased spawn frequency of Thanksgiving-related Pokemon, and 4x candy from buddy Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Thanksgiving

The types of Pokemon that we’d expect to spawn more frequently during the event would be birds; such as Pidgey (and its evolutions), Spearow and Fearow, and Psyduck and Golduck. None are particularly rare, so hopefully Niantic will take a different approach with this event.

Also, if Niantic do choose to make Pidgeys more common for the Pokemon GO Thanksgiving event, will players be happy? We suspect not. After all, Niantic recently announced that Pidgeys will now spawn less frequently because they are pests. Boosting their spawn rate a few weeks later for an event? Might not be the best move.

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But at the end of the day, we don’t even know if this Pokemon GO Thanksgiving event will become a reality. In my opinion, a Thanksgiving event only 3 weeks after the Halloween event is far too soon, not to mention the fact that it’s a holiday only celebrated in North America. Also the source could be B.S. There’s always that.

What do you think? Do you think we’ll be getting a Pokemon GO Thanksgiving event? Or do you think we won’t be seeing another event until Christmas and New Years Eve? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Hi,We have installed MOSS 2007, My Core objective PDF and DWJ File search with Subject and Keyword. Does this possiable. We have tried many opitions using different ifilters avaliable. Awaiting for your rejRl.Regards,yapesh

  2. Would it not beneficial . To both players and niantic to maje rare pokemon just rare instead if non existent. Ie. Bulbasaur ive seen 2 , ryhorn 1 , snorlax 1 . Lepras never syther 1 that ran off. , msgmar 1 . I could go on but my point is i dont play hardly ever knowing theres no or very minimal chance of seeing one let alone catching one im level 22 and fast losing intrest . Charmanders started showing and appearance that went non existent again, im sure niantic as a business point will benifit from making them as they should be rare not unavailable.

  3. I didn’t hear about Halloween even but i love the idia of Holliday vents all of them can’t wait I’m 4 yrs and love how all of this s put together gets me and my 23yr old Autistic sont out and walking together please keep pokemon go golng just wish it wasn’t o bad eatting up the data poke stops aren’t very close and gems even farther

  4. Eh… I actually saw less Drowzees during the Halloween event than normal since Drowzees spawn more frequently in my area than even Pidgey’s normally. Perhaps it’ll work out the same way with Pidgeys.

  5. Pidgey and Spearow are already really common. More Psyduck and Golduck would be good since I haven’t seen that many though. How about letting Farfetch’d be available in the US for the time? Maybe they could also add in spawns Pokemon known for eating a lot, like Snorlax.

  6. Not celebrated in ‘NorthAmerica’. In fact only one country. Canadian thanksgiving was celebrated before Halloween.
    Note that ours is also more about harvest and las about oppression of indigenous people.

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