The Latest Pokemon GO Update Makes Cheating Harder For Spoofers & Botters

Pokemon GO Update Makes Cheating Harder

A few hours after the Double XP Easter event ended, Niantic pushed a server-side update that has made it much harder for spoofers and botters to obtain Pokemon with perfect IVs (individual values). The move comes only days after Niantic took to Twitter to announce that they were making more of an effort to fight back against cheaters, and honestly, I love it.

Previously, when a Pokemon was encountered in the wild, it would have the exact same IVs and moveset no matter who encountered it, and the only thing that differed was the CP. This made it easy for spoofers and botters to fly around the world catching 100% IV Pokemon, as they could simply pinpoint the exact location with mapping services, teleport to the location, and make the catch.

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The latest Pokemon GO update makes cheating harder for spoofers & botters by randomizing IVs and movesets on encounter, just like it has always done with a Pokemon’s CP. It’s also similar to how a shiny Magikarp won’t be shiny for everyone, and will do wonders to slow down cheaters from catching the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

The update was first reported by a Reddit user named “Marvel227” on The Silph Road, who said: “I’m part of a rather large PoGo community in a rather large US city. Hearing lots of reports that multiple people have caught multiple of the same Pokemon and found DIFFERENT IVs and movesets than each other (basically how shinies currently work).

But what do you think about this latest server-side update? Do you think that this will stop botters & spoofers from obtaining strong Pokemon? Or do you think this is just  going to unfairly punish players who aren’t breaking the rules?  As always; let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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  1. This is a bandaid to problem that needs major surgery. Niantic needs to ban the accounts of those who are big spoofers. Plus how about turning gyms over if it has been held for a month? If everyone got kicked out after a month, it would give those that don’t have as strong a pokemon a chance to get coins and be in a gym.

  2. We find the same problem as pogo has. There is a couple that have multiple accounts and they live in New York. They came to out town in Massachusetts over Thanksgiving for a visit. They dominate all out gyms and aren’t here. They do it by having a friend usent their accounts in mass while they live in NY and have more gyms tied up there. They have locked up all the gyms yellow 6 months. Oh and they have multiple rare pokemon with well over 3000 cp

  3. I don’t see how it makes anything different for me as I never know the IV before I catch a monster anyway. So sound like it just makes it less valuable for people with multiple accounts, or those who share info on where the perfect pokemon are located. Of course with most of us, if someone shared where to get something special, it would be gone long before I could get there.

  4. Spoofers have ruined the game one guy has 5 accounts and is in every gym in a 100 mile radius. I travel for work and used to enjoy my lunch break gym battling but now it’s no fun all level 10’s with the same people. Multiple reports and video of it happening yet they’re still cheating. I don’t even gym anymore

  5. NIANTIC already knows – or at least has a pretty good idea – of who the cheaters are. The accounts should be closed. There could be an appeal, if you feel your account was closed unfairly. Leaving accounts open, that honest players like myself have no chance of competing with or catching up to, negates ANY updates to prevent future cheating. I’ll never understand how someone feels superior as a player if they CHEATED to get there in the first place anyway. Cheating in a GAME that is suppose to be FUN for EVERYONE makes you a “special kind of scum- bag” – I assume they have a pitiful life 😜

  6. If everyone banned together and stopped spending money on Pokemon Go in-app purchases I bet this would get fixed a whole lot faster.

  7. I’ve already left the game because of spoofers. Can’t be done with it. If this new update is punishing non-cheating players then it’s pointless.

  8. I earned everything I have. I don’t like that some ppl cheat. I just reached level 36 and I wnjoy going out and catching them. Sad that some feel the need to cheat.

  9. I have worked hard to get to level 31 without cheating so why should I be affected by this ?will it be worth carrying on playing

  10. The curennt spoofers with their 100IVs need to get banned…. Or theres no difference really cause they’ll keep using them.

  11. Need more crack down on those that have already created their army of Pokémon while not leaving their homes. I hope your coming gym changes stop these spoofers who ruin gym playing.

  12. Go after the individual accounts. There are a big group here that monopolize about 20 plus gyms. They already have all the great Pokémon and now spoof in and make level 10 gyms. They brag on social media they gave 150 perfect maxed Dragonite. They brazenly throw in every Regional. I have reported even with video and doing in a park with gates and Rangers after dark. They have ruined the game here. They just need to ban them. They have multiple forms of evidence and they let them keep playing. The new implement don’t stop those here now that have armies. One player even bragged he has 20 perfect maxed Blissey and only a level 33. I have seen at least 9 in gyms at one time from him. Thanks Niantic… BAN THEM ALREADY. I have sent you pictures…time stamps…screen recordings of gyms going down in locked parks…video… And you let them go. No wonder hoardes around here have quit.

  13. I see a need to stop players who give themselves an uneven advantage over the average honest player but to do a ” one size fits all” change isn’t at all fair to the honest player as you put it. I see a need to find and target the spiifers and botters individually on their pokemon accounts.

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