The “100 Poke Coins Every Day” Free Guide

What’s the most challenging aspect of Pokemon GO? Is it catching all of the available Pokemon and completing your Pokedex? How about collecting a bunch of strong Pokemon and becoming the most powerful trainer in the world? Sure; those goals might seem pretty tough, but they’re nothing compared to the most monstrous challenge of all: obtaining 100 Poke Coins every day.

Yep, that’s right, collecting your daily 100 Poke Coins from gyms is hard. For most trainers, it’s ridiculously hard, and something that’s not even worth attempting. To put things in perspective, a couple of months ago we ran a study with our readers, and after more than 10,000 responses, we found that the average Pokemon GO player collected between 10 and 20 Poke Coins every day.

When we followed up and asked why they weren’t collecting the full 100 Poke Coins every day, the most common responses were that it was “just too hard”, or that they “didn’t know how to do it properly”. These answered saddened us, because if you know what you’re doing, collecting 100 Poke Coins every day is actually quite achievable.

The “100 Poke Coins Every Day” Free Guide

In an effort to help educate and inform our readers, we decided to create the “100 Poke Coins Every Day” free guide. As you can probably guess, the guide’s sole purpose is to teach you exactly how to earn 100 Poke Coins every day from your local gyms. And, of course, the guide is free for Pokemon GO Informer newsletter subscribers!

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