Real Or Fake? This Player Claims To Have Found The First 25km Egg, But Is He Lying?

pokemon go 25km egg

You know that feeling you get when you nab a 10km egg from a Pokéstop? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? You quickly throw it on an incubator, start walking around as much as possible, and pray to Lord Helix that it’s not just another Pinsir.

Now imagine that feeling multiplied by a million. That’s what YouTube user ‘Connplex’ must be feeling after finding the world’s first 25km egg in Pokémon GO. Except, well, there’s a very good chance he’s faking the whole story. I’ll explain.

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At 2:16 PM (UTC) on the 4th of August, a YouTube user known as ‘Connplex’ uploaded a video in which he shows off a 25km egg in Pokémon GO. Sadly, the egg is only at 1.3/25km, and he (obviously) doesn’t get enough steps in the video to hatch it. How convenient.

It’s a lengthy video (11 minutes), but you only need to watch the first two or so minutes to get a feel for what’s going on. Watch the video here:

The first red flag is glaringly obvious; how on Earth could this guy have received a 25km egg in the first place? When the game was data-mined a few weeks ago, there was no indication that a 25km egg even existed in the files for the game.

Does that mean Niantic sneakily added the 25km egg into the game with their latest update? It’s certainly possible, but if that’s the case, why is this the only guy in the world who seems to have one of the eggs?

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Things start to get a little bit more suspicious when we head over to Reddit. Almost immediately after the video was uploaded, three posts were made about the video in the Pokémon GO subreddit. Call me crazy, but I think all three posts were made by the same guy in an attempt to garner attention. You can see them individually here, here, and here.

The final nail in the coffin for this guy’s story is something that’s going on in the YouTube comment section. Remember at the start of the video how the guy said his name was “Joel”? Not just Joel, it was “Joel from Connplex”. Keep that in mind while you look at this picture:

pokemon go 25km egg
Source: YouTube

Do you see it? If not, I’ll break it down for you. The video was uploaded by a guy named “Joel”, right? “Joel from Connplex”. Then this guy named “Joel Conn” comments on the video, and… Wait a second… “Joel Conn”… “Joel from Connplex”…

Aha! Busted! The guy logged onto his personal account and pretended to be a random viewer offering his insight as to why the 25km egg exists. He’s literally having a conversation with himself here, in an attempt to add credibility to his fake story.

Well sorry, dude, but I’m not buying it. There are just way too many warning signs here that are all pointing to you being a CONN artist. (Get it? CONN artist? Cause the guys last name is Conn? And he’s a con artist? Okay, I’ll stop…)

What do you guys think? Is he telling the truth about the 25km egg? Or is he faker than that Mewtwo video that keep making the rounds on Facebook? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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