You’re Not Alone: The Three Steps Glitch Is Happening To Virtually Everyone In The World Right Now

pokemon go 3 steps glitch

So you’re playing Pokémon GO and a wild Pikachu pops up on your radar. “Awesome,” you think, as you start trying to chase it. But no matter how far you walk, that little Pikachu never gets closer than three steps away.

You might feel tempted to post a status on Facebook asking your Pokémon GO playing friends if it’s happening to them too, but let me save you the trouble and tell you that yes, it is indeed happening to them too.

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The “three steps glitch”, as it’s being referred to online, is a minor (but very annoying) glitch that prevents any Pokémon on your radar from ever getting closer than, you guessed it, three steps away.

It makes it nearly impossible to track down a Pokémon since, no matter what direction you move – even if it’s the right direction – you can’t tell if you’re getting closer.

Obviously, if we’re unable to track down and catch Pokémon, there’s no point playing the game until Niantic get on the job and fix the issue, right?


Sure, your radar won’t give you a reliable location for that Pikachu. And yeah, OK, the order that the Pokémon appear on the radar’s list seems to be broken as well, so we can’t use that as an indicator of if we’re close or not either.

But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. What I’ve been doing (and might I say, it’s been working pretty well too) is pretty simple. I’ll just pick a direction and start walking. If the Pokémon appears, excellent, I’ll catch it.

If the Pokémon vanishes from the radar, I’ll turn around and go in the opposite direction. Rinse and repeat until you (hopefully) manage to find (and catch) the Pokémon.

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And if that doesn’t work? I guess you’ll just have to give up and wait for Niantic to patch the damn glitch. Apparently they know about it, so it shouldn’t be too long.

Drop a comment below letting me know if the three steps glitch is happening to you, and if my little #protip helped!


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