New “Bubblestrat” Method Allows Players To Powerlevel Gyms And Gain 1,500,000 EXP In 24 Hours

pokemon go bubblestrat gym powerlevel

Do you want to be able to take a Level 1 gym and transform it into a Level 10 gym in the span of a few minutes? How about this; would you like to be able to amass over 1,500,000 EXP in a 24 hour time period? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you need to take a look at bubblestrat.

Bubblestrat is the name of the newest (and so far, the best) method of powerleveling a gym. It was created/discovered by the folks at GamePress. It’s complex as hell, and will probably only be used by an elite handful of players (due to how tough it can be to pull off), but it is definitely worth the effort if you’re able.

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There are a few requirements for bubblestrat to work. First off, you need a Level 1, 10CP (absolute bottom of the CP arc) Diglett. Oh, and the Diglett also needs to know either Scratch or Mud Shot. You’re then going to need to train this Diglett once, and hope that its CP stays at 10. If it goes up to 11, you’re screwed, and you’re going to have to find a new Diglett.

After you’ve spent around 10 years finding said Diglett, we can move on to stage two: obtaining a 20CP Horsea, Krabby, or Poliwag, with the move Bubble. This isn’t as hard as finding the Diglett, but hell, that doesn’t make it easy. Once you have both the Diglett and one of these other Pokemon, you’re ready to start using bubblestrat.

As you can see from the video, you need to put one of the Bubble users in a friendly gym, and then use your Diglett to beat that Pokemon into a bloody pulp. Due to your Diglett having a high attack, and Bubble taking a while to activate, your Diglett should be able to defeat all of the Bubble-Pokemon without taking any damage.

And, since the Diglett is 10CP (half the CP of the defending Pokemon), you will gain 1000 Gym Prestige and 100 personal EXP per Pokemon defeated. If you take bubblestrat to its logical conclusion, you’ll be able to beat 10 Pokemon per Gym battle, which would gain you 1000 EXP (or 2000 EXP if you’re using a Lucky Egg).

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There are a few more conditions that need to be fulfilled for bubblestrat to work as intended, but they are far more in-depth than anything I’ve mentioned in this article. If you’re interested in delving into the nitty-gritty specifics of bubblestrat, you can do so by clicking here to visit the home of bubblestrat; GamePress.

What do you think about bubblestrat? Is it something that you’d use yourself if you were able? Or do you feel it goes against the spirit of the game? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Featured image courtesy of GamePress


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