Sorry, But This Confirms It’s Impossible To Hatch Foreign Region Exclusive Pokémon From Eggs

cant hatch region exclusive pokemon go

This is something that I’d suspected to be true ever since the game came out, but due to the sheer number of people claiming otherwise, I had concluded that maybe I was wrong. But now, with some brand new data coming in from The Silph Road, I can confirm that I was, in fact, correct.

Ahem… You cannot hatch foreign region exclusive Pokémon from eggs. Damn, that felt really good to write. This is one of the biggest myths and pieces of misinformation surrounding Pokémon GO, and now that the facts are out there, it’s time that we stop spreading this nonsense.

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The Silph Road, which is an area of Reddit devoted to researching the internal workings of Pokémon GO, have found that it’s actually impossible to hatch a foreign region exclusive Pokémon from an egg. They surveyed hundreds of players, and found that from over 40,000 hatched eggs, exactly 0 contained a foreign region exclusive Pokémon.

I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Reputable gaming websites such as Eurogamer, and Gamesradar have told us ever since the release of Pokémon GO that it was possible to hatch foreign region exclusives.

cant hatch region exclusive pokemon go

And of course, we’ve seen it actually happen, right? Thousands of people have reported hatching foreign region exclusive Pokémon, so are we to assume that they’re all liars? Well, maybe. Either they are lying, GPS spoofing, account sharing, have recently been on holiday, or are just plain wrong about hatching that specific Pokémon.

I think Reddit user CSULBPaintsniffer summed it up best when had this to say: “I think the answer to that is pretty obvious. A sample size of 20,000+ eggs yielded zero legitimate foreign region-locked hatches. So if it does happen, it is EXCEEDINGLY rare to hatch even a single one. So rare that I would call anyone who managed to hatch one a liar and a cheater. But three? They are almost certainly spoofing or account sharing.”

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But what do you think? Still going to claim that it’s possible to hatch a foreign region exclusive Pokémon? Or has the data convinced you that it is, in fact, impossible? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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