Trying To Find Corsola In Pokemon GO? This Might Be The Only Area On Earth That Spawns Corsola!

Corsola Pokemon GO

Just yesterday we published an article explaining everything that was known at the time about the Gen 2 regional Pokemon, but since then, even more information has emerged. This changes a few things. The main finding is related to the spawn area of Corsola in Pokemon GO.

In our previous article, we reported that the theorized spawn area of Corsola was based on latitude, and ranged from 30 degrees north of the equator (30N), all the way down to 30 degrees south of the equator (30S). However, after some more research was conducted, it was found that the actual spawn area might not be that simple.

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A thread on The Silph Road subreddit asked users to answer two questions: where in the world they lived (their latitude), and whether or not they had caught a Corsola. After hundreds of responses, the findings were published in this thread, and some analysis was performed.

This is taken directly from the findings: “98.2% of people south of 26S noted that they have NOT seen Corsola before. Above 31N, 99.6% of the responses were “No” for Corsola.” This indicates that the only places you can find and catch Corsola in Pokemon GO are between 26S and 31N.

Corsola Pokemon GO
Source: DarkeysWorld (The Silph Road), Fair Use

As you can see from the image above, the “Corsola strip”, as it’s being referred to, covers the top part of Australia, most of Africa, most of Asia, and most of Central and South America. And, if you’re lucky enough to live at the bottom of North America, you might find yourself inside the Corsola strip as well.

Again, like we mentioned with the previous article, this is still not 100% confirmed. For all we know, the Corsola strip might actually extend further north than we think. Or further south. More research is still being conducted, so within the next few days, we should know for sure where the true boundaries are.

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If you want to help out with the research, you can find the original survey thread on Reddit by clicking here. The survey is still open, and more data is being taken and analysed. A quick tip: you can easily find your own latitude by going to Google Maps and tapping on your current location.

What do you think about the current area of the Corsola strip? Have you managed to catch a Corsola outside of the strip? Or do you think it’s spot on? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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