This Is How To Create Your Own Nest In Pokemon GO With A Free Tool Called “Open Street Map”

Create Your Own Nest In Pokemon GO

Nests are a strange phenomenon in Pokemon GO, and nobody fully understands how they work or behave. We know that there’s a nest rotation every two weeks, certain species of Pokemon don’t nest (like Dratini), and nests are usually isolated to parks. That’s about all that we know for sure. But now we’re also pretty sure that you can create your own nest in Pokemon GO.

The reasoning is fairly straight forward: Pokemon GO uses a tool called Open Street Map (OSM) to determine where to spawn Pokemon, therefore, if we jump online and alter our local area in OSM, we should be able to change the way in which Pokemon GO spawns Pokemon, and create our own nests.

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The idea that there is a link between OSM and Pokemon GO isn’t new; it’s been kicking around online for months now, and has been widely accepted as fact over at places like The Silph Road. That being said, a thread posted this morning by aenariel gave us a new insight into how nests operate, and speculated that one could create their own nest by tinkering with OSM.

Before we go any further, I’d like offer a warning: Don’t abuse this tool. Open Street Map is used for many more things than just Pokemon GO, and it is incredibly selfish to purposely sabotage your local map just so you can create a few nests near your house. It’s one thing to create your own nest in Pokemon GO at a real-world park, and another to abuse the system. Just don’t do it. 

Create Your Own Nest In Pokemon GO
Source: Pixabay, Fair Use

According to aenariel, there appears to be two criteria that (generally) must be met before an area can become a nest. The first is that the area is marked as a park (or a meadow, even) on OSM, and the second is that it has been given a name. As you’ll see for yourself in a few minutes, most parks are accurately marked on OSM, but, the vast majority won’t be named (unless you live in a populated area with dedicated OSM editors!)

The next step is simple: Go over to OSM and create a free account. Find your local area, and make sure that all of your local parks appear on the map, and that they are appropriately named. When you create an account, there is an optional tutorial that will explain how to edit the map, so I highly encourage you to stick around and watch it. Otherwise, take a look at aenariel’s thread on Reddit for some more help.

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And then comes the hard part: You need to wait. According to aenariel, no changes should appear until at least the next nest rotation, possibly even the one after that. It all comes down to how often the data from OSM is pulled to create/update the maps in Pokemon GO.

So there you have it, that’s how you can create your own nest in Pokemon GO. Like I mentioned earlier, please don’t abuse this tool. Just log on, make sure your local parks are correctly mapped and named, and then log back out. Let me know in the comment section below how the process went for you!

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  1. OSM Contributor here. I’ve seen a number of great contributions from Pokemon players and some outright vandalism. What the article doesn’t point out is OSM is a map made by volunteers. OSM is funded by the OSM Foundation. Neither OSM nor OSMF have any paid employees. Vandalism takes us away from our work to improve the map. Check out for tips on contributing to OSM.

    Here are my tips for new users to OSM:
    * Take the short walkthrough offered when you first start to edit.
    * Draw features as accurately as possible. I recommend using a mouse.
    * Start adding features you are familiar with such as houses and businesses in your neighborhood.
    * Only name features if they are named. Not name=”Fred’s House” Just tag it building=house. No need for a name tag
    * What that you don’t add a street on top of an existing street. It really screws up routing. Check out OSMand+ and MAPS.ME for two great apps for routing. There are many more.
    * Unlike what Pokemon Champ said about parks – there many parks not on OSM, especially in smaller towns. Check out your local Parks and Rec for park boundaries to add to OSM.

  2. Daniel, yes, but only if there really is a little free library in front of your house. Otherwise it’s fake data and will be deleted, and you might get banned.

  3. I just looked into OSM and there does not appear to be a create free account any longer. I was only given three options, Student, Donor and Regular membership, then it asks for your credit card information for payment. Is this the same for everyone else?

  4. A nest is completely different from a pokestop. This is an article about nests and how you can classify your parks as parks to make sure they have a chance to spawn as a nest. As far as pokestops go, I haven’t seen any new stops accepted or even the ability to suggest new pokestops. Creating a free library near your house won’t make your house a pokestop. I have been all across the United States and have seen some odd pokestops though. Near a highway in the middle of nowhere there’s one “Sunset” which is just the sunset. Somewhere on a long stretch of road is “American Flag” which is a small flag with flowers on a cross which had been placed there most likely because someone had lost their life at that location. There’s a house that has “Golfing Gnome” which is one of the neighbors small lawn gnomes.

  5. I think it’s funny the best option isn’t listed. It does require some actual work though, and won’t be an option for everybody. Build one of those little ‘free library’ boxes that rest on the edge of the sidewalk, on private property. I’ve seen several of them as pokestops in my town already, so it is perfectly allowed, it just requires actually creating something that qualifies for tagging in Open Street Map. Do that and you can have a pokestop on your house.

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