Data Miners Have Confirmed That The Pokemon GO Christmas Event Is Coming Soon

Data Miners Confirmed Pokemon GO Christmas Event Coming Soon

Remember that time we predicted that the real Christmas event would start on the 14th of December, but were wrong? What about the other time that we thought we found three clues that hinted at the real Christmas event starting this Wednesday, on the 21st of December?

Well, just as we were preparing to write an article conceding defeat, the latest Pokemon GO update was released. And, with data miners doing what data miners do best, they wasted no time blowing it wide open, and found some pretty cool new information that confirms a Pokemon GO Christmas event is coming soon.

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Dronpes, the head honcho over at The Silph Road, had this to say about the information that was uncovered during the data-mine: “Manage your hype responsibly, travelers. 🙂 We’re about to grasp at some straws. There is a chance something might happen over the holiday.”

So what exactly was found in the code? Gift boxes. Yep, gift boxes. In total, six unique gift boxes were added to the game’s code, as well as a metadata attribute named “HasHolidayItems“, and a new variant of the “Shop” button that resembles a Christmas gift.

Data Miners Confirmed Pokemon GO Christmas Event Coming Soon
These are the gifts found inside the game’s code!

Pretty cool, right? Obviously it goes without saying that at this point, we’ve got no idea how these gift boxes are going to function in-game, or what will be inside them. It could be clothing items (like the recently added socks and gloves), it could be Pokemon eggs, or it could just be regular items such as Lucky Eggs, Incubators, Poke Balls, etc.

One theory about the gift boxes that I quite enjoyed was posted by /u/TheLastStopByMe on The Silph Road, and postulated that for every Delibird caught, a random gift is given to you, which you can then open and receive whatever is hidden away inside.

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This could be a fun way to introduce the Pokemon Delibird (which is basically the Pokemon version of Santa Claus), as well as reward players for getting out there and continuing to catch Pokemon despite the cold weather.

But what do you think? Do you think we’ll get something cool in the gift boxes? Or are you not getting your hopes up in fear of being let down? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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