This New Way Of Spinning Poké Stops Gives You DOUBLE The Poké Balls, EXP, And A Guaranteed Egg

pokemon go double items exp pokestop

Forget walking around aimlessly, desperately trying to find a Poké Stop that’ll give you an egg, because there’s a new strategy that is guaranteed to give you double the EXP, double the items, and an egg, from every 10th Poké Stop you spin.

It’s all thanks to Reddit user Cerebr05murF. He discovered that if you swiped Poké Stops in a very specific (but very simple) way, it was possible to get the same reward every single time you hit the 10th Poké Stop.

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There are a few conditions for this trick, though. The first condition is that you have to spin 10 different Poké Stops. You can’t walk in a circle spinning the same 5 Poké Stops twice; that won’t work. It has to be 10 unique Poké Stops.

The second condition is that you need to spin all 10 Poké Stops consecutively without spinning a previously spun Stop. You can’t go from A -> B -> C -> A -> D; that won’t work. You need to go from A -> B -> C -> D, etc, etc, until you hit the 10th Stop.

pokemon go double items exp pokestop

If that makes sense and you’re able to put it into practice yourself, when you finally hit the 10th Stop you’ll be rewarded with at least 6 items (normally ~3), double the EXP (you’ll get 100, it’s usually 50), and an egg (assuming you have the inventory space).

Sadly, there does seem to be some form of cool-down when using this trick. When I went out earlier to give it a shot, it worked, which was great. But then I tried to do it again with the same Poké Stops only 15 minutes later, and there was no bonus.

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Another potential downside to this trick (that will only affect rural players) is Poké Stop density. You need 10 relatively close Poké Stops for this spin method to be worth it, and for those of you living in the middle of no-where, well, that might be a challenge.

But what do you guys think about this little trick? Will you give it a try? Or will you keep doing what you’ve always done? Let me know in the comments below!

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