Has The Evolution Item Drop Rate Increased In Pokemon GO Over The Last 24 Hours?

Evolution Item Drop Rate Increased

I’ve got a question for you: Do you think that the evolution item drop rate increased in Pokemon GO over the last 24 hours? If you answered “no”, you might not have been paying as much attention as you think, because the rest of the Internet certainly has noticed something is going on.

The first report (that we could find) of an increase to the drop rate of evolution items was made at around 3:00 PM PST on The Silph Road subreddit. In the 10+ hours since the initial report, many other players around the world have also noticed a substantial change. But, let’s start at the beginning.

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Reddit user Rangertanger1 was the first to post about the supposed evolution item drop rate increase, asking fellow trainers “Has anyone else noticed an increase in evolution-item drops over the last few hours ? Within a timespan of about 2 hours i got 2 sunstones and 2 up-grades“.

Within minutes, scores of trainers replied to the original post indicating that they too had been receiving more evolution items than normal. One user replied with “Yep! 3 sunstones, 1 upgrade and 2 metal coates in 2 hours!! Strange behavior…“, with another sharing a similar story: “I can confirm. 5 items in the last 6 hours , 2 friends also 3-4 items each tonight“.

Evolution Item Drop Rate Increased
Source: Niantic, Fair Use

And within an hour of the initial report, there were at least 4 other independent reports on the subreddit, all claiming to have observed an increase to the drop rate of evolution items, too. These reports can be found by clicking here, here, here, and here.

So, what’s going on? Has the evolution item drop rate increased? Is this just a few hundred players all experiencing an amazing lucky streak? And if Niantic are behind this, was it intentional, or will it be fixed over the coming hours and/or days?

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Personally, I think that it could be part of the Worldwide Bloom event. At the time of writing, the event still hasn’t finished, so maybe that was Niantic’s way of ending things; by increasing the drop rate of evolution items drastically, and then returning them to normal levels when the event ends?

But what do you think? Has the evolution item drop rate increased? Or do you think everyone’s just become super lucky all of a sudden, and the rates haven’t actually been changed? As always, let me know what you think in the comment section down below!

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  1. I saw no increase at all. In the last 4 weeks I have recieved a “Upgrade” which is for Porygon only. We do not see any porygons here. I have one that was hatched quite a while back but that is it. Nothing new.

  2. I have started getting evolution items on a daily basis, so the drop rate has increased greatly. I hit between 40-50 pokestops on a typical day. Right now I have 3 Sun stones, 5 King’s rocks, 1 metal coat, 3 dragon’s scales and 4 upgrades.

  3. Yes, my son and I went to the park at the end of the event and he got 2 Sun Stones and 2 Earth Stones and I received 2 Earth Stones as well, 2 Upgrades and a Dragon Scale. I was disappointed I didn’t get the Metal Coating for my Sycther because that’s the only one I haven’t evolved but was still happy to get all of those!

  4. Yes. I had been getting one at a time every 7th day mostly repeats but yesterday I got three at once and things i didn’t have.

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