This Awesome Discovery Shows You EXACTLY Where To Find Dragonite In Pokemon GO!

find dragonite

Are you still trying to find Dragonite in Pokemon GO? Unless you’ve been farming Dratini since the game was released, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve not managed to find a Dragonite yet. That’s not your fault, though; Dragonite is the rarest Pokemon in the game, and is incredibly hard to find.

Or, I should say, Dragonite was incredibly hard to find. New data coming out of The Silph Road over on Reddit may have just figured out the best place to find Dragonite in the wild, and it’s all linked to the humble Clefairy, and very, very high areas. Let me explain.

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Where to find Dragonite:

The first mention of the Clefairy/Dragonite theory was made on The Silph Road subreddit, and postulated that wherever Clefairys spawn, Dragonites are also likely to spawn. The person who made the thread, a guy nick-named “sowok”, shared the data he had gathered from over 6 million spawns in his local area.

And, sure enough, wherever Clefairys spawned commonly, Dragonites also spawned (albeit much, much less frequently). This discovery led to hundreds of players scouring their areas for Clefairys in the hopes that they too would find Dragonite, and many were successful.

find dragonite

But, in true Silph Road fashion, there was more research to be done. Would you really be able to find Dragonite just by finding a Clefairy spawn? Is it actually that easy? Well, the short answer to that question is “no”.

As it turns out, it’s not enough to simply roll up to a Clefairy spawn and hope to find Dragonite. You also need to be up high. Like, really high. A redditor who goes by the name of “iamjli” analysed the elevation data of over 2,000 Clefairy spawns and 200 Dragonite spawns, and came to the conclusion that elevation was also a significant factor.

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So how high up do you need to be before a Clefairy spawn will also become a Dragonite spawn? According to the data, you need to be between 200 and 320 meters above sea level. But hey, don’t take my word for it, here’s a graph that iamjli made comparing the prevalence of Dragonite spawns and Clefairy spawns against the elevation that they were found:

find dragonite
Source: iamjli

There you have it; if you want to find Dragonite, just find an elevated Clefairy spawn. Easy. Here’s a link to the original Reddit thread where the discovery was made, and here’s a link to the followup thread where a lot of additional data was uncovered. You can click here to see the longitude, latitude, and elevation of over 250 Dragonite spawns.

And, before you leave an angry comment saying that 2,200 spawns isn’t enough to be statistically significant, please take a look at both of the threads on Reddit. Hundreds (possibly thousands) of players have added their own data, and confirmed that Dragonite is more likely to spawn a) where Clefairys spawn and b) way, way up high (200-320m above sea level).

But you! Yes, you! Have you managed to find Dragonite yet? If so, did you happen to find your Dragonite near a bunch of Clefairys? Or way up high in the sky? Let me know all about it in the comment section below!


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  1. I started playing late May of 2017 and over the 4th of July week, I was camping in South western pa about 2200ft above sea level and found 2 dragonites, one was 1630 and the other 153. Didn’t realize at the time how lucky I was.

  2. You know. Waaay early on, before I even had great balls, shortly after I got this game, I was in West Virginia. And at my hotel a dragonite popped up. I wasted 25+ balls, and countless berries on this thing. It just gauked at me. Didn’t even run, just stood and watched me. Haven’t seen one since. I’ve since realized I never had a chance at catching it, and it wouldn’t have even been that great in retrospect. I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I just got lucky at a bad time. But come to think of it this was the first place I saw a bunch of clefairies. And while it wasn’t the highest point, this hotel was much higher than most of the surrounding were. They may be onto something. I have yet to visit a clefary spawn point that was as high above sea level. If I ever find one I’ll keep you updated.

  3. Just read this and don’t know if this still is true but back in september a couple of nest rotations ago my school was a clefairy nest and my school is on a massive hill in Wycombe and i managed to catch a Dragonite there but it was only 40cp ):

  4. I found two in Cuernavaca, in a Pokestop with Lure Module. (I catch them both ?) Normally, there are plenty of Clefairy in the city, but I also noticed in that specific Pokestop gather a lot of players, I don’t know if maybe that is what brings more interesting pokemons (also got geodude, tentacool and shellder they day).

  5. I already found 2 dragonites (one fled) and neither of them were near clefairy spawns. Actually, I have a pretty good clefairy spawn I found in a park here and stayed there looking for a strong clefairy for a couple of times. What I actually found there were some dragonairs and a snorlax, but not any dragonite, actually. But my city is actually elevated (i think 700 m) so i think the height stuff is right. Maybe this logic can not be applied in every country, i guess.

  6. Everything i just read was true… Just got back from Boone, NC. App St. Miami game. Clefairy spawned nonstop upon my arrival. Dragonite spawned during the football game and I couldn’t get him! SMH

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