This Annoying Glitch Is Turning The Pokémon You Just Caught Into A Totally Different Pokémon

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Okay, not gonna lie, this could be the biggest glitch that Pokémon GO has seen yet. Imagine, if you will, that you see a wild Dragonite in your nearby list. After spending 10 minutes tracking the beast down, lobbing 30 Razz Berries, 40 Great Balls, and 15 Ultra Balls, you finally catch it!

Hooray, right? Well, don’t start celebrating just yet. After the latest update, there’s a chance that the Dragonite you just caught isn’t actually a Dragonite at all, but an impostor Pokémon. I’ll explain.

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In the last few hours, hundreds of reports have appeared all over the Internet claiming that sometimes, and only sometimes, the Pokémon that you catch in battle will be a different Pokémon than the one that’s in your backpack after the battle.

Some players have lost really good Pokémon to this glitch, such as one girl whose wild Aerodactyl turned into a Beedrill, and another player whose Bulbasaur turned into a Weedle. Ouch.

On the flipside, some people are finding their Rattatas have turned into Staryus, and their Zubats into Growlithes, which is kinda neat. Here’s a video showcasing the bug:

As you can see in the video, the dudes Weedle straight up transforms into a Pidgey as soon as it’s caught. And while a Weedle turning into a Pidgey is no big deal, imagine how ripped off you’d feel if it was a Charizard you lost? Or maybe a Snorlax? This glitch sucks big time.

Some players have theorized that this isn’t actually a bug, and that the Pokémon encountered is a Ditto in disguise. While this is a pretty cool theory, no players have been able to force the bugged Pokémon to transform yet, though they are frantically trying.

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If this bug has happened to you, head on over to SilphRoad on Reddit and give those guys as much info as you can; they’re currently working to try and figure it all out and would love more data.

Featured image courtesy of PatrickSeeStar.


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