New Pokemon GO Update Gives Guaranteed Evolution Item From 7-Day Streak!

Guaranteed Evolution Item From 7-Day Streak

When the evolution items were first added to Pokemon GO, it seemed that you were guaranteed an evolution item from the 7-day Poke Stop streak. Evidence of this can be found in this thread from The Silph Road, where up to 95% of trainers reported receiving an evolution item from their first 7-day streak.

And then, just a couple of days later, it seemed like the guarantee of an evolution item from the 7-day streak had vanished. Just like that, it became much, much harder to find an evolution item. That is, of course, until the latest Pokemon GO update was released, that brought back the guaranteed evolution item from 7-day streak!

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The full update notes can be found here, but the gist of it is this: “The 7-day ‘First PokéStop of the Day’ streak will now award a random Evolution item.” This is a (very) welcomed update, and it means that obtaining all 8 evolution items needed for the special evolutions will now be much easier.

For example, if you only obtain evolution items from the 7-day streaks, you will, obviously, receive one evolution item per week. But, chances are you’re going to get duplicates here and there, so taking that into consideration, it should take you roughly 17 weeks to collect the amount required for each of the special evolutions.

Guaranteed Evolution Item From 7-Day Streak
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

Of course, you’ll also obtain evolution items by chance from normal Poke Stop spins, so in reality, it will take most people significantly less time to acquire each of the evolution items. But hey, even if it does take you 17 weeks, that’s roughly 4 months, which means you’ll still have time to spare before Generation 3 is added to the game!

If you haven’t received the app update yet, don’t sweat it. According to a few players on Reddit, this update was actually delivered server-side; meaning that you don’t need to physically update the app to receive your guaranteed evolution item from 7-day streak. So, you can get out there and spin away!

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To top it all off, the data-mining squad over at The Silph Road have already delved into the code of the new update, and found quite a few cool things! You can see everything that they’ve found in the mega-thread here, which I would highly recommend. Spoiler: shiny Pokemon could be making an appearance in-game sooner than you think…

But what do you think about this new update? Do you think we should get a guaranteed evolution item from the 7-day streak? Or do you think that makes it a little too easy to finish off your Pokedex? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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