The Final 60 Seconds Of The Pokémon GO Trailer Show Us Exactly How To Catch Mewtwo

Pokémon GO how to catch mewtwo

When it comes to Mewtwo and Pokémon GO, there are a lot of rumors floating around. Some are believable, like the one that said he’d show up when you catch all of the other 150 Pokémon. Some are downright ridiculous, like the one that said you had to catch 100 Pidgey’s in a row before Mewtwo would appear.

Rumors aside, there is one source of information that pretty much tells us exactly how the epic battle against Mewtwo will go down. It’s something that I’ll bet a lot of players have either forgotten, or have never seen in the first place. I’m talking about the original Pokémon GO trailer from September 2015.

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In the trailer, we’re shown a whoooooooole bunch of stuff. We see people searching for and catching Pokémon. People battling each other, and trading their Pokémon. Oh yeah, and we see a group of people join forces to take down (and catch) Mewtwo.

A woman is minding her own business in the city, when bam, the word “raid” appears on a T.V. with a 10 second countdown. Once the timer reaches zero, Mewtwo appears, and all of the players in the area start to battle him. After being defeated, Mewtwo is caught.

Here’s the trailer:

It’s a pretty awesome trailer, and it leaves me with one pretty important question: When will Mewtwo be coming to Pokémon GO? We know how the event will take place (unless Niantic decide to change things), but we have no idea when.

There have been rumors about the timing of the event, but again, there’s no official word from Niantic themselves.

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Personally, I don’t think we’re going to be seeing Mewtwo for at least another 3 months. Possibly even around Christmas time.There’s just so much more work Niantic have to do with the servers, the bugs, and all of the other Countries around the world before throwing us into a huge event.

But what do you guys think? Will we encounter Mewtwo in the way that the trailer depicts? If not, how will the battle go? And when do you think Mewtwo will be added? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of ColorDrake.


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