This New Method Of Using Incense & Lures In Rural Areas Guarantees Rarer Pokémon Will Spawn

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When was the last time you bothered using an incense? For me, it was well over two weeks ago. It’s just not worth it, right? All I ever get are Pidgeys, Zubats, and Rattatas, so what’s the point of wasting my Pokécoins on Incense?

Well, what if I told you there was a way that you could guarantee rare Pokémon were attracted to your Incense and Lured Poké Stops? That there was a way to turn those pesky Pidgeys and Rattatas into Dratinis and Charmanders? That’d be pretty neat, huh?

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Turns out there’s a way to do just that, and it involves playing the game the way the game was meant to be played. Yep, you’re going to have to go exploring, and, more specifically, you’re going to have to take a journey to your nearest, well, deserted area. In other words, you’re going rural.

The trick, in essence, is incredibly simple, and it’s got everything to do with the way the spawn mechanics work for Incense and Lures. Basically, when you use a Lure on a Poké Stop or crack an Incense, the game starts to spawn Pokémon. That’s the obvious part.

But what most people don’t know is that the Pokémon that spawn generally aren’t random. The game will take a look at your location, it will see what Pokémon are normally spawning in the area, and it will use that data to spawn similar Pokémon. Sure, you might occasionally get a rare Pokémon, but most of the time you’re going to get the same garbage that you’re used to.

When you take a trek to the middle of nowhere and there aren’t any Pokémon on your nearby radar, that’s when things start to get interesting. You see, when there are no Pokémon nearby, the game has no idea what Pokémon to spawn when you’ve used an Incense or a Lure.

It has no information to go on, so do you know what it does? It starts to spawn random (and often rare) Pokémon. A player over on Reddit did some research into the phenomenon, and found that he got almost 3x as many unique Pokémon when using Incenses in the wilderness compared to when used in suburbia.

But, there is a catch, and it applies to what we define as “rural” or “middle of nowhere”. It’s not enough that there are no Pokémon on your nearby radar, oh no, you could still be too close to a Pokémon spawn point.

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According to multiple field reports, you need to be at least 1 kilometre away from your nearest Pokémon spawn point before the game considers you worthy of receiving random Pokémon. This means that you need to walk at least 1km away from the point at which the last Pokémon drops off your radar before you use the Incense or Lure the Poké Stop.

But once you’re finally in that Pokémon “dead-zone”, as we’ll call it, you’ll be rewarded with some random, unique, and rare Pokémon. Kick ass!

What do you think of this little trick? Have you tried it yourself? If you have tried it, I want to know how it went for you! Drop a comment below and let me know what you caught.


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