This New Method Of Using Incense & Lures In Rural Areas Guarantees Rarer Pokémon Will Spawn

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When was the last time you bothered using an incense? For me, it was well over two weeks ago. It’s just not worth it, right? All I ever get are Pidgeys, Zubats, and Rattatas, so what’s the point of wasting my Pokécoins on Incense?

Well, what if I told you there was a way that you could guarantee rare Pokémon were attracted to your Incense and Lured Poké Stops? That there was a way to turn those pesky Pidgeys and Rattatas into Dratinis and Charmanders? That’d be pretty neat, huh?

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Turns out there’s a way to do just that, and it involves playing the game the way the game was meant to be played. Yep, you’re going to have to go exploring, and, more specifically, you’re going to have to take a journey to your nearest, well, deserted area. In other words, you’re going rural.

The trick, in essence, is incredibly simple, and it’s got everything to do with the way the spawn mechanics work for Incense and Lures. Basically, when you use a Lure on a Poké Stop or crack an Incense, the game starts to spawn Pokémon. That’s the obvious part.

But what most people don’t know is that the Pokémon that spawn generally aren’t random. The game will take a look at your location, it will see what Pokémon are normally spawning in the area, and it will use that data to spawn similar Pokémon. Sure, you might occasionally get a rare Pokémon, but most of the time you’re going to get the same garbage that you’re used to.

When you take a trek to the middle of nowhere and there aren’t any Pokémon on your nearby radar, that’s when things start to get interesting. You see, when there are no Pokémon nearby, the game has no idea what Pokémon to spawn when you’ve used an Incense or a Lure.

It has no information to go on, so do you know what it does? It starts to spawn random (and often rare) Pokémon. A player over on Reddit did some research into the phenomenon, and found that he got almost 3x as many unique Pokémon when using Incenses in the wilderness compared to when used in suburbia.

But, there is a catch, and it applies to what we define as “rural” or “middle of nowhere”. It’s not enough that there are no Pokémon on your nearby radar, oh no, you could still be too close to a Pokémon spawn point.

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According to multiple field reports, you need to be at least 1 kilometre away from your nearest Pokémon spawn point before the game considers you worthy of receiving random Pokémon. This means that you need to walk at least 1km away from the point at which the last Pokémon drops off your radar before you use the Incense or Lure the Poké Stop.

But once you’re finally in that Pokémon “dead-zone”, as we’ll call it, you’ll be rewarded with some random, unique, and rare Pokémon. Kick ass!

What do you think of this little trick? Have you tried it yourself? If you have tried it, I want to know how it went for you! Drop a comment below and let me know what you caught.


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  5. I tried this with a friend the other day. I had him go two miles out and I stayed back at his house and played pokehismom. He caught three magicarp and all I caught was a fuzzy cloyster.

  6. I did this on a cruise ship and I got about 25-30 things for a 30 minute incense. The wifi was spotty on my floor of the ship, so I could only do this twice. I got some really good stuff, but not really rare stuff like Snorlax or Lapras. I got some good stuff though. If I take another cruise, I will go armed with a lot of Pokeballs.

  7. Bullshit article full of excess words. Hate authors like this that don’t care about quality. Fuck you.

  8. You definitely need to be over 20, me and a friend tried this out and it does work but I was lower. The trick is to also have wifi. I caught a golem Onix and Pinsir. But not before seeing lots of birds.My friend caught Skarmory and hitmonlee.

  9. Do you have to have a good cell signal? I live in a semi built up area with poor cell connections for all the service providers. You have to go outside to make a cellphone call. So I’ve walked around the neighborhood for 20 minutes with incense going and caught a rattata and a weedle.
    Is a poor cell connection a problem?
    In the house I have WiFi, no cell signal. And no Pokémon.
    There are gyms and pokestop 2km away. Anything I can do to have more fun in my our neighborhood?

  10. well I tryed it myself today. Here are my results.
    I got 0 Pokemon, that were not incense Pokemon.

    -Caterpie (x2)
    -Weedle (x5)
    -Rattata (x4)
    -Pigdy (x5)

    as you can see I got a lot of different Pokemon. I would say I got very many and different medium-rare Pokemon. Many low-rare Pokemon (weedle, etc.) but not as many as you get usually, when you are inside a town with a lot of Pokestops.
    Unfortuanly I didnt get any very-rare Pokemon.
    All in all I would say it is way better than using inscense in town, but dont await only very nice Pokemon to appear.

    PS: Be careful and watch the route you’ll take first. I once nearly stepped in a Pokestop/Spawning Area because I have been there for the first time (which may corrupted my results in some way).

  11. I got two caterpie, a pidgey and a freaking ratatta
    And im literally 5 miles from the nearest town. And 25 miles from my town.

  12. This actually worked really well for me. I was in an area with no coverage, but it was my best friends house, so she had wireless. I think that the people it isn’t working for have a different definition of rural.

  13. Hmmm, this is defs an ongoing investigation in my opinion. I do agree some what with the article… however in my experience its not so much rural areas, as it is more (less common/less frequently visited areas).

    For example, back before the locator was “improved” I had seen an aerodactyl near the highway in a pretty common area. I started pondering where it could be, I decided to choose the area with no pokestop around it but still housing… it was an area down a service road that you wouldnt typically find people hanging out. Lo and behold i ran into the dactyl. I gained further conformation with such pokemon as Muk, wartortle, rapidash, all found on either industrial or service roads.

  14. I can confirm this does work. But its not so cut and dry. I have a road in the country that this works amazing on but the next street over it doesn’t. You need to explore and find the area that works for you. And it will take a buch of tried until you find the right spot.

  15. For me it worked perfectly fine! I just tried it yesterday and damn…with the bike (would say around 12-15 km/h to make the 200m/minute) I got ~25 Pokemon out of 30 minutes incense. I can’t tell for sure if I was 1km away from any spawn point, but atleast 500m and it worked. First pokemon to pop up was a Bulbasaur, followed by poliwag, ponita, growlithe, meowth and many many more. Of course there are also occasional Pidgeys/Weedles/Rattata, but in the amount of pokemon that spawn over this time its like 1/5 instead of 3/4.

    Absolutely awesome and I will definitely do it again!

    • What you said does not apply to this….this is for spawning rare pokemon….we all know if you move incenses spawn more pokemon in any area. This article is talking about spawning RARE pokemons not MORE pokemons.

  16. This is pretty wrong. Why does everyone just make stuff up to get views when it comes to this game? Each area is designated a biome and each biome has a spawn list. That’s what incense uses.

    • That’s not true. This rural method is one I’ve been using since the start of the game – I just never said anything because I didn’t want it to get patched. There is a rural road outside of the town I live in and I get more rare pokemon with an incense on walking down that road than I do anywhere else.

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