Is Swinub A Regional Exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO? This Is What The Data Says About Swinub:

Is Swinub A Regional Exclusive Pokemon

We initially reported that Heracross and Corsola were the only regional Pokemon from Gen 2, and that all of the other Pokemon (bar Smeargle, Delibird, and the Legendary Pokemon) could be caught/hatched anywhere in the world. But now, some new research is forcing us to ask the question: Is Swinub a regional exclusive Pokemon as well?

The short (and obvious) answer is no; Swinub is not a regional exclusive Pokemon. There are confirmed reports that Swinub has been caught in every Country in the world (assuming they have access to Pokemon GO), so how could it possibly be a regional exclusive Pokemon?

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Well, maybe exclusive is the wrong word for it. But there’s a thread on Reddit that’s been gaining a lot of traction that theorizes that Swinub may be ultra-common in some areas of the world, and then also incredibly-rare in other areas of the world. Swinub could be a pseudo-regional-exclusive Pokemon, if you will.

The thread in question can be found here, and contains a list of user-submitted data, such as the latitude of the player, as well as if Swinub is “common” or “uncommon” in their (the player’s) region. A quick glance at the results will tell you that something is definitely not normal when it comes to the way that Swinub spawns.

Is Swinub A Regional Exclusive Pokemon
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

For example, at (almost) every latitude north of 38N, Swinub is listed as a “common” Pokemon. On the other hand, for every latitude south of 38N, Swinub is listed as an “uncommon” Pokemon. So far, there have been 67 player submissions, and only one of these submissions goes against the trend.

Of course, more data will need to be obtained before we can draw any conclusions, but at the moment it’s looking pretty promising. As user Fizzypoptarts pointed out, “(Swinub) is just the new Drowzee. Colder climates have Swinub as their main biome spawn.” This perfectly sums up the trend we’re noticing; that Swinub seem to spawn more frequently in colder regions of the world.

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Personally, and I know this is only anecdotal evidence, but I’ve only seen (and caught) one Swinub since they were added to the game, and it was from a nest. Aside from that one, single Swinub, I’ve not seen another on my Sightings, my Nearby, or even on any city-wide scanners. I live below the proposed “Swinub line” (in a very warm part of the world), so this is in line with the current theory.

But what do you think? Is Swinub a (semi) regional exclusive Pokemon? Or do you think that once more data is obtained, we’ll notice that there is no pattern, and that Swinub actually spawns all over the world with a similar frequency? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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