Is Swinub A Regional Exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO? This Is What The Data Says About Swinub:

Is Swinub A Regional Exclusive Pokemon

We initially reported that Heracross and Corsola were the only regional Pokemon from Gen 2, and that all of the other Pokemon (bar Smeargle, Delibird, and the Legendary Pokemon) could be caught/hatched anywhere in the world. But now, some new research is forcing us to ask the question: Is Swinub a regional exclusive Pokemon as well?

The short (and obvious) answer is no; Swinub is not a regional exclusive Pokemon. There are confirmed reports that Swinub has been caught in every Country in the world (assuming they have access to Pokemon GO), so how could it possibly be a regional exclusive Pokemon?

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Well, maybe exclusive is the wrong word for it. But there’s a thread on Reddit that’s been gaining a lot of traction that theorizes that Swinub may be ultra-common in some areas of the world, and then also incredibly-rare in other areas of the world. Swinub could be a pseudo-regional-exclusive Pokemon, if you will.

The thread in question can be found here, and contains a list of user-submitted data, such as the latitude of the player, as well as if Swinub is “common” or “uncommon” in their (the player’s) region. A quick glance at the results will tell you that something is definitely not normal when it comes to the way that Swinub spawns.

Is Swinub A Regional Exclusive Pokemon
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

For example, at (almost) every latitude north of 38N, Swinub is listed as a “common” Pokemon. On the other hand, for every latitude south of 38N, Swinub is listed as an “uncommon” Pokemon. So far, there have been 67 player submissions, and only one of these submissions goes against the trend.

Of course, more data will need to be obtained before we can draw any conclusions, but at the moment it’s looking pretty promising. As user Fizzypoptarts pointed out, “(Swinub) is just the new Drowzee. Colder climates have Swinub as their main biome spawn.” This perfectly sums up the trend we’re noticing; that Swinub seem to spawn more frequently in colder regions of the world.

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Personally, and I know this is only anecdotal evidence, but I’ve only seen (and caught) one Swinub since they were added to the game, and it was from a nest. Aside from that one, single Swinub, I’ve not seen another on my Sightings, my Nearby, or even on any city-wide scanners. I live below the proposed “Swinub line” (in a very warm part of the world), so this is in line with the current theory.

But what do you think? Is Swinub a (semi) regional exclusive Pokemon? Or do you think that once more data is obtained, we’ll notice that there is no pattern, and that Swinub actually spawns all over the world with a similar frequency? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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  1. I’m in Australia and was startled to see Swinub spawning today, as I’ve never caught one and have only ever seen one before, in a Gym.

  2. I live in Edinburgh, UK. I’ve seen 411 Swinubs (caught 381), more than 10 today. The’re are common here. One day I had more than 1000 Swinub’s candies. I’ve never seen Corsola or Heracrosses :/

  3. Was able to catch a Swinub in the Philippines… only one… but wanting for more… hope I bump into Swinub again soon.

  4. I looked for a thread on swinub because I’d seen the silhouette on my radar quite frequently without actually encountering it no matter how much I linger or patrol the area, which I thought was weird.
    Yesterday though, I caught 2 of them so I was wondering if the curse had been lifted. I live around the equator.

  5. Have only seen one sighting of a swinub going on the ferry across to Devonport Auckland NZ … I have yet to have a sighting of a pillowswine… I did catch Grimer the other day!!!! 0.0 I have only seen one since September!

  6. I’m in Australia, NSW (east) and I’ve got one, so does my partner. I think I hatched mine and my partner caught his.

  7. I live in Maryland, and I’m pretty sure I saw ONE pop up on the nearby tracker, but that’s it. Meanwhile, I once found 8 Dratinis and a Dragonair in one day.

  8. I live in Chicago, IL. they are very common here. I’ve caught 53 and seen 68. I didn’t even need to evolve it because I caught a 1148 Poliswine.

  9. I’m Level 24, in west Houston, and have never seen a Swinub (#220) here. Went to Alberta, Canada last week and they were everywhere. Saw 31 and caught 27, about to evolve two to Piloswine (#221). Calgary is above 51N latitude (well above 38N cutoff). Interesting to hear that a couple folks have seen Swinub at the Univ of Houston. If I can find parking, I’ll check there too. Would rather catch pigs than rats.
    I’ve seen a dozen Corsola (#222) in Texas, and have caught 11.
    Have neither seen nor caught a Heracross (#214) in Texas.

  10. Went on Vacation in Mexico two weeks ago- went to Playa Del Carmen / Akumal area and found some Swinubs there. I live in a suburb east of Houston – found some in Baytown, La Porte and Clear lake area. Also found some in Galveston.

    Corsolas are not rare here.

    Found a Heracross in Puerto Aventuras in Mexico – found no Heracrosses here in Houston, Austin and Galveston…

    Went to Vegas last week – no Swinubs or Corsolas there.

  11. I live in Sydney Australia and have never seen a swinub 😔. Neither have the 2 others I know who play it. We have just come out of summer here. Maybe we’ll get swinubs in winter? Hope so. I love them!

  12. I live in Northern California in the United States. Swinubs are more common here then pidgeys and rattatas. They are EVERYWHERE! I have 100+ swinub candies and my pokedex says I have seen 48 of them but I swear I have seen even more then that. We do seem to fall in that area though where it says they would be common. It’s kind of getting annoying with how many I see daily lol

  13. I have not seen even one swinub in San Antonio texas.I recently went to Colorado and they were very common there the last one I saw was just south of Albequeque

  14. I’ve caught over 5200 Pokemon in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe, and I’ve never seen any Swinub except for the one I caught two days ago in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I live in Austin, TX and have caught about 8 Corsola. I’ve never seen or hatched a Heracross.

  15. I live in Houston, Tx. There kind of alright over here. West side of the side has lots of them and University of Houston also has a couple of them. I don’t think they’re anything close to regional and it’s hot as hell over here.

  16. The earlier comment claiming they are abundant in Orlando/Kissimmee is incorrect. Never seen one anywhere in Central Florida, period. He’s probably thinking of Sentrets, which are the gen-2 rats, but cuter.

  17. I’ve only seen/caught one in Philippines. I hear from friends in the UK that they’re everywhere to the extent they’re more boring/common than pidgey.

  18. They should do that with the other region exclusive Pokemon. Make them quite common in their region, but make them rare in other regions instead of not available at all.

  19. I’ve seen 131 and caught 118. Right now I have one on my nearby sightings. Got the gold ice medal from all of them in the indianapolis area

  20. I live in North Carolina and have never seen a Swinub here. I drove north up to West Virgina and saw them all over. Came back down to NC, none.

  21. Here in Wales, there are Swinubs like no one’s business! Got the gold Ice medal within the first week of Gen 2 thanks to those babies. Far too many here, please take some!!

  22. I was just on vacation in Isla Mukeras, Mexico. I caught 3 swinehub there. But I live in Dallas, Texas and have yet to see one here.

  23. Live in Alberta Canada and they are so many swinubs around here. I can look at radar and see 6 of 9 are swinubs.


  24. I live in Germany, and swinubs have basically replaced rattatas as the common Pokémon. I just figured it was an attempt at a pork joke from Naintic.

  25. theres lots in England to put it into context:
    ive seen 94 Rattata and caught 86 (since starting on Nov 16)
    ive seen 251 Pidgey and caught 221 (since starting on Nov 16)
    Ive seen 112 Swinub and caught 104 (since Gen 2 release in mid Feb 2017)

  26. I am in Toronto Canada and swinubs are ridiculous…they are like weeds…I have seen 457 of them and caught 307. I have over 1000 swinubs candies.

    One time I had seven spawn at once and another time i had seven out of 9 in my sightings filled with only swinubs sighted at my nearby pokestops.

  27. I was in the Kansai area of Japan from the Gen2 release until March 15th. During a month of heavy play (~6 miles per day) I only caught two Swinubs that were not located at the Swinub nest I found in Kobe. In contrast, they are common as dirt in Ohio.

    There are plenty of other differences in spawn rates I’ve noticed between the US and Japan, but Swinub is by far the biggest outside the regional exclusives.

  28. I live in Canada and they are so commone here I catch a few every day and I sure would like to be catching something else for a change.

  29. I live in Tampa Florida and the only Swinubs I can find outside a nest is at beaches, and they do not spawn very often. In Tampa’s more urban areas I have not seen any at all. But I’m not complaining; Corsolas and Heracrosses are common sightings. I have 8 Heracrosses and 4 Corsolas currently that are ready for trading.

  30. I live in Australia – never caught a Swinub here. Went on holiday to New Zealand and they were everywhere. So the climate theory makes a lot more sense to me than the latitude one.

  31. I’m directly at 38degrees N, just below Cincinnati, I haven’t seen or hatched a single Swinhub. Not exactly sure how that helps or hinders any reference/data points. Having said that, I truly like playing the game, but Niamtix is really starting to rub me the wrong way with the “exclusivity” of not only regional specific Pokémon, evolution items, etc. I think that if you have a “global” game, there is clearly the responsibility to be completely transparent in your motives and or direction you wish to go with your game. Seems to me Niantic is behaving as if they have been overwhelmed from the start, just one trainers opinion.

  32. According to my pokedex I have caught over 70 swinub and seen over 130. I live in Canada so this seems to be legit.

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