MAJOR Pokémon GO Update Fixes Tracking & Bonus Catch Exp, Adds Heaps Of AWESOME New Features

major pokemon go update

We’ve been giving Niantic a lot of grief over the past few weeks for all of the issues the game has experienced, but they may have finally redeemed themselves today with the 0.33.0 update that was released for Android and iPhones.

The update contained a looooot of stuff, but by far the most useful was the tracking fix. Yep, tracking is back and running very smoothly. As well as tracking, the bonus catch EXP has been re-added to the game, and a few new features have been implemented too.

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Tracking is sort of fixed.

If you’ve already updated the game, you might have noticed that when you click the “nearby” tab (now called the “sightings” tab), the Pokémon listed are standing next to some tall green grass.

As far as we know, the grass doesn’t actually do or mean anything. It doesn’t get shorter the closer you are to the Pokémon or anything cool like that, but that’s O.K., because there was another update to the tracking system that’s just as good.

major pokemon go update
Changelog from the official Pokemon GO Facebook page

In fact, tracking is working better than ever now. In the past, when a Pokémon appeared on the nearby list, it stayed there as a “ghost” even after it despawned or was out of the player’s range. Not anymore. Now, once you’re out of range of a Pokémon, it is removed from the list INSTANTLY.

This means that you can track Pokémon properly now! Just pick a direction, walk for a minute or so, and see if it is removed from the list. If it disappears, simply turn around and try a different direction until you find it. Easy peasy.

Bonus catch EXP is back.

We were disappointed when this was removed in the last update, so it’s awesome that they’ve listened to their fans and re-added this feature. Good job Niantic 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what the bonus catch EXP is, it’s a set amount of bonus EXP you can gain when you catch a Pokémon with a particularly good throw. If you perform a ‘Nice’ throw, you get an extra 10 EXP. A ‘Great’ throw gets you 50 EXP. And, an ‘Excellent’ throw gets you 100 EXP’.

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Warning when driving/going fast.

This is a safety feature that was implemented in an attempt to stop people from playing the game while driving. Whenever the game registers you as moving faster than a certain speed, a warning message will appear on the screen like so:

major pokemon go update
Don’t play while driving!

The popup includes a button you can press if you’re a passenger, which will let you continue playing the game as usual. But it goes without saying; you should definitely put the phone down while you’re driving!

Now for the small changes…

Battery saving mode is back for iOS. This is great, because it means all you iPhone users will be able to play the game for longer without needing to charge your phones.

The ability to change your character’s name has also been added to the game. Be careful, though, it can only be done once!

Last but not least, the accuracy of curveball throws has been improved. If in the past you found your well-aimed curveballs were flying off into the sunset, give it a shot now and it should be fixed!

And that’s pretty much everything that came to Pokémon GO in this update. For a full list of changes, click here to visit the official Facebook page of Pokémon GO.

What do you think about these changes? Was it a good update, or were you expecting more? Let me know in the comments below!


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