The Max CP For Each Pokémon Has Been Leaked, And One Team’s Legendary Bird Is Ridiculously Weak

Pokémon GO max cp leaked

Thanks to a recent post on Reddit, we now know what the maximum CP is for every single Pokémon in the game; and it’s not looking good for any Mystics out there.

Sure, Team Mystic has Vaporeon, which is clearly the best Eeveelution with a max CP of 2816 (compared to Flareon with 2643, and Jolteon with 2140), but when it comes to the legendary birds, the Pokémon that the teams are based on, Team Mystic is the loser.

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Taken directly from the list, Articuno has a max CP of 2978. Respectable, sure, and high enough to put the legendary bird in the top 10. But Zapdos and Moltres beat it without even trying. Moltres has a max CP of 3240, while Zapdos has a max CP of 3114.

Maybe this is Niantics way of balancing things out? After all, Vaporeons are currently decimating the competition world wide, so isn’t it fair that the mascot for Team Mystic is a little bit weaker?

Regardless of if it’s fair, it will certainly make things interesting a few months down the line when we can start obtaining and battling with the legendary birds.


Like, if Articuno is a solid 150-250 CP behind the other birds, will Team Mystic members choose Zapdos or Moltres if given the opportunity? Or if we are able to catch multiple birds, will anybody even use Articuno?

But then again, Articuno has the highest damage per second (14.81), with Moltres and Zapdos falling behind significantly with 9.52 and 8.33 respectively.

So what does all of this mean for the end-game trainer hoping to maximize their potential by picking the strongest bird? Honestly, nobody knows. Articuno has low CP but high DPS, while Moltres has high CP and low DPS.

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The only thing we can say for certain is that Zapdos has the consistently poorest stats, with bad DPS and low max CP. On the other hand, Zapdos also has fewer type weaknesses than the other birds. Argh, this is doing my head in.

You can see the list with each Pokémon’s max CP here.

If you’re on Team Mystic, drop me a comment below and let me know if you’ll stay loyal and choose Articuno, or if you’ll defect and pick one of the other birds.


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  2. How is Vaporeon’s power relevant? All teams get to use her, it’s not a Team Mystic exclusive. There is absolutely zero balancing going on. Just another extremely broken feature to this game.

  3. I’m team mystic and I’ve found I like the faster attacking Pokemon anyways so I’d be happy to have articuno though I’d like to have all three!

  4. I’ve actually found I like the faster Pokemon more so I will be happy to have articuno though I hope I can have all three!

  5. Every true Mystic will use whichever pokemon is strategically advantageous. Any Mystic who feels that they must rely on loyalties and feelings are actually an Instinct in disguise.

  6. yes I chosen Mystic cause most of my friends is Mystic, and I just recently started so I didn’t know who to choose from lol

  7. “Everything is pretty balanced but please click on our click bait title implying it not being balanced at all.” -Article

    Still, it’s interesting to see the statistics laid out.

  8. With a nearly devastating attack stat at 1.5x and you think being 200-300cp lower is going to stop me? Articuno is not at all the weakest. A higher CP will only take you so far in this game. Articuno is the best bird. #MysticInTheStreetsMysticInTheSheets

  9. Very poor evaluation of the birds. Vaporeon are dominating because they have the highest DPS. Same with why Snorlax and Lapras and Dragonite are dominating. DPS is all that matters in this game, since defending gyms is impossible and attacking is all that matters. Jolteon loses to Vaporeon even with the type advantage. DPS is supreme. 300 CP at the max level isn’t going to do anything. Their CP difference before maxing is going to not vary by more than 100.

  10. Honestly i couldn’t care less…I just chose Team Mystic because I like the colour blue and Articuno is blue XD

  11. Mystic here, and DPS trumps CP in my battling experience so far. So with about a 50% increase in DPS at only a cost of about 8% max CP, I’ll take Articuno all day.

  12. This is great and all


    What are they planning on doing with Gen II’s legendaries?

    Are they gonna be team oriented?

    Are we getting Lugia and Ho-oh as team mascots for new teams?

    Will I have to catch Uknowns for a Celebi?

    Will Team Rocket ever get their hands that Pikachu?


  13. Zapdos may be behind in stats but, not without good reason. He’s flying electric he automatically causes super effective damage with any electric moves against either of the other two birds. Not to mention his speed stat. Zapdos all the way. Always the best, pure typing advantage and speed.

  14. Honestly even in the actual pokemon games this is the case.

    Moltres has highest Special attack, Zapdos has highest speed and Articuno has highest special defense and health.

  15. I’m team mystic and I’ll choose Moltres if I ever get to choose one because he is my favourite of the 3 I only chose team Mystic because I like blue more than red and yellow.

  16. Since I know it’s more than just CP when it comes to battling, of course I’m staying with Mystic! I’ve had lower CPs beat higher CPs easily, so I’m not worried.

  17. I’m so glad you’ve discovered this information without the Birds being released or the max level being hit yet. Jolly good show.

  18. I’m mystic I’m I will most definitely stay with Articuno but if I get to opportunity to get the other two as well I will

  19. Are you under the impression that Vaporeons are in some way related to Team Mystic? Because they’re both blue?

    • Pretty much, yeah. Instinct gets Zapdos + Jolteon, Valor gets Moltres + Flareon, so Mystic is left with Articuno + Vaporeon. (Yeah I know Vaporeon is water and not ice, but cmon.)

      • but any team can get all of the eevelutions. We may not have enough infor on the burds to see if they are team locked, but it would make sense that they also were not.

        as a mystic myself I don’t give a damn, I will catch all of them and use them to round out any of my teams of 6

      • Sure the Eeveelutions aren’t team locked but most people I’ve seen out and about tend to hoard/use the one that is the same color/type as their team. Just like the legendary birds are the team mascots, the Eeveelutions have become a sort of unofficial mascot. At least where I’m playing.

      • That’s not even true in the slightest. Everyone is hoarding Vaporeons because of how strong they are. Nobody is doing that with Flareons or Jolteons.

      • They are though. All of my Instinct friends are maxing their Jolteons, same deal with the Valors. It’s all about representing your team, and Vaporeon is the closest Mystic has to its own Eeveelution. Just because you haven’t seen this happening doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

      • Lol this article is crap, CP literally means nothing if theres only a 1-300 difference. Not to mention Molters is only getting a higher CP because its typing is terrible while Zapdos/Articunos destroy all flying types to include each other.

        Plus I have no idea where you get this notion that an instinct would hoard Jolteon. It’s the worst evolution and I avoid them all besides Vaporeon because it’s just the best one.

        Atleast attempt to learn the game if your gonna make an article on it lmao. People like you that try to use a brands buzz for clicks are disgusting.

      • Im sad ti say but the eeveelution theory is shot out of the water upon the next gen releases in which there are added eeveelutions. The only signs towards pomemon the rep each team are the birds at this point. Sorry again Champ 😛

  20. Of course i will, Articuno was always my favorite of the three birds. Plus if you know how to battle properly and take types, move sets, speed and strength then CP doesn’t always matter. My CP880 Golem took out a lv 3 gym filled with CP1000+ Joltions who only knew elimental moves. Strategy beats brute strength most of the time. I will gladly take Articuno. #TeamMystic #Articuno

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