The Max CP For Each Pokémon Has Been Leaked, And One Team’s Legendary Bird Is Ridiculously Weak

Pokémon GO max cp leaked

Thanks to a recent post on Reddit, we now know what the maximum CP is for every single Pokémon in the game; and it’s not looking good for any Mystics out there.

Sure, Team Mystic has Vaporeon, which is clearly the best Eeveelution with a max CP of 2816 (compared to Flareon with 2643, and Jolteon with 2140), but when it comes to the legendary birds, the Pokémon that the teams are based on, Team Mystic is the loser.

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Taken directly from the list, Articuno has a max CP of 2978. Respectable, sure, and high enough to put the legendary bird in the top 10. But Zapdos and Moltres beat it without even trying. Moltres has a max CP of 3240, while Zapdos has a max CP of 3114.

Maybe this is Niantics way of balancing things out? After all, Vaporeons are currently decimating the competition world wide, so isn’t it fair that the mascot for Team Mystic is a little bit weaker?

Regardless of if it’s fair, it will certainly make things interesting a few months down the line when we can start obtaining and battling with the legendary birds.


Like, if Articuno is a solid 150-250 CP behind the other birds, will Team Mystic members choose Zapdos or Moltres if given the opportunity? Or if we are able to catch multiple birds, will anybody even use Articuno?

But then again, Articuno has the highest damage per second (14.81), with Moltres and Zapdos falling behind significantly with 9.52 and 8.33 respectively.

So what does all of this mean for the end-game trainer hoping to maximize their potential by picking the strongest bird? Honestly, nobody knows. Articuno has low CP but high DPS, while Moltres has high CP and low DPS.

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The only thing we can say for certain is that Zapdos has the consistently poorest stats, with bad DPS and low max CP. On the other hand, Zapdos also has fewer type weaknesses than the other birds. Argh, this is doing my head in.

You can see the list with each Pokémon’s max CP here.

If you’re on Team Mystic, drop me a comment below and let me know if you’ll stay loyal and choose Articuno, or if you’ll defect and pick one of the other birds.


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