This Awesome New Way Of Throwing Poké Balls Can Be Used To Double Your EXP And Catch Rate

Pokémon GO new throw double exp catch rate

You might have noticed that as you progress through the game by leveling up, Pokémon start getting harder and harder to catch. The good news is that you’re not imagining it; it’s something that everyone over the level of 20 experiences the further you advance up the level ladder. The bad news is that it’s annoying as hell, and can result in many wasted Poké Balls, and many Pokémon running away.

But what if there was a way that you could not only increase the catch rate of Pokémon, but also double the EXP earned while doing so? That’d be pretty neat, huh? Well, that’s exactly what a guy over on Reddit named Sina117 has been doing for the last week.

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Before we get into the Poké Ball throwing technique, let’s first have a recap on the different EXP bonuses you can obtain while catching Pokémon. Have you noticed the circle that appears when you encounter a Pokémon? As the circle decreases in size, a different EXP bonus can be obtained by landing the ball in the middle of the circle.

If you land the Poké Ball inside a large circle, you get a ‘Nice’ bonus of 10 EXP. If you land the Poké Ball inside a medium circle, you get a ‘Good’ bonus of 50 EXP. And, if you land the Poké Ball inside a small circle, you get an ‘Excellent’ bonus of 100 EXP.

And that’s where this new style of Poké Ball throwing comes in. Basically, when you throw the Poké Ball in this specific way, you increase your chances of landing the ball in the middle of the circle, which will give you one of the three EXP bonuses listed above. Here’s a video showing the technique in action:

As you can see, when you throw the Poké Ball in this way it becomes almost impossible to miss out on one of the three EXP bonuses. And as an added benefit, since you’re throwing the ball fast and straight, you’re far more likely to actually hit the Pokémon on your first throw, which will dramatically increase your catch rate.

There is a downside to using this technique, though. Some players have reported that when they throw the Poké Ball as quickly as is required, their game will either crash, bug out, or freeze on a black screen. Lame.

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My advice is this: Use the technique on Pokémon that you’re not desperately trying to catch. It’s a pretty good way to catch Pidgeys, Rattatas, Weedles, etc, but if you encounter a Charizard or a Dragonite? You should probably definitely stick to Razz Berries and Ultra Balls.

Have you tried this technique yet? If you’ve given it a shot, I want to hear all about how useful you found it, and if you were able to consistently get EXP bonuses. Let me know in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of Bucket List Publications.


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