A Few Lucky Pokémon GO Players Have Been Chosen To Test The Awesome New Tracking System

pokemon go new tracking system

Earlier today we published an article about the latest update, noting that the changes made to the tracking system consisted of the addition of tall grass adjacent to the Pokémon being tracked, and an updated “ghost removal” system.

As it turns out, however, that was only half of the story. There is a secret tracking system that is only available for a select few players, as a sort of “beta test”, and from what we’ve gathered, this new system could be a game changer.

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This new tracking system may seem a little confusing the first time you see it, as it splits your “nearby” list into two separate lists; a “nearby” section and a “sightings” section.

The sightings section is what we reported on in our initial article, and it’s just an extension of the old tracking system; that is, it only tells you that a Pokémon is nearby and doesn’t give you any more information to find help track it down.

The “nearby” section is the real deal, though, and the way it works is amazing. If a Pokémon appears in the “nearby” section, it will have a circular picture next to it. This picture will show you the Poké Stop that the Pokémon is closest to.

As you can see in the video above, after pressing “view” on the Pokémon of your choice, the birds eye map will spring open, and the general location of that Pokémon will be revealed (it highlights the Poké Stop that the Pokémon is near).

After you’ve got the right Poké Stop highlighted, you can easily run on over there and catch the Pokémon before it disappears, easy peasy! We’re not sure yet when this feature will be rolling out officially to all players, but we do know that we can’t wait for it.

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What do you think of this new tracking system? Do you think it makes the game too easy? Or is there still a good amount of difficulty in finding Pokémon? Let me know in the comments below!


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