Are There Nocturnal Pokemon In Pokemon GO? New Research Finds Some Pokemon More Common At Night

Nocturnal Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Are there nocturnal Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Around two weeks ago, a Reddit user by the name of kinarism made a post on The Silph Road subreddit claiming that certain Ghost and Dark type Pokemon appeared to spawn more frequently at night time than in the day time. This was big news; and after some additional research was conducted, it was found that certain Pokemon certainly do spawn more frequently at night.

But, it’s not quite as simple as saying that all Dark or Ghost type Pokemon spawn more frequently at night. Rather, the Pokemon’s type doesn’t determine if it will spawn more at night, it is whether the Pokemon is considered nocturnal that counts.

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After the initial thread was made, additional research was undertaken to figure out just what we were observing. Pokemon GO Hub did a large amount of the data collecting, and after over 700,000 Pokemon spawns were analyzed, they began to report their findings.

The first finding was that all of the nocturnal Pokemon in Pokemon GO are Pokemon that were also nocturnal in the original Pokemon Gold & Silver games. (Full list here). But, on the flip side, not all of the nocturnal Pokemon from Pokemon Gold & Silver are also nocturnal Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Nocturnal Pokemon In Pokemon GO
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

The second finding was that the nocturnal Pokemon in Pokemon GO were, in alphabetical order; Ariados, Gastly, Golbat, Haunter, Hoothoot, Houndour, Meowth, Misdreavus, Murkrow, Noctowl, Oddish, Quagsire, Sneasel, and Zubat. Strangely enough, some of the evolutions (and pre-evolutions) of these Pokemon aren’t nocturnal in Pokemon GO.

The third (and final) major finding was that these nocturnal Pokemon spawn more frequently between 8PM at night, and 8AM in the morning. In some cases, the spawn rate at night time was more than double that of during the day, which is a huge difference!

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You can take a look at the full report over on Pokemon GO Hub by clicking here. But what do you think about this research? Are you glad that some Pokemon seem to be spawning far more frequently at night time rather than during the day? Or do you not like this feature? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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