Australian Nurse Finds A Wild Haunter In The Hospital Room Of A Recently Deceased Patient

nurse haunter deceased patient

If you thought running out of Ultra Balls while trying to catch a Charizard was the scariest thing that could happen to you while playing Pokémon GO, you were dead wrong.

A nurse (we’re not going to name her for obvious reasons) who was working in a Melbourne Hospital has told Pokémon GO Informer that while she was stripping the bed of a patient who had recently passed away, a wild Haunter appeared in the room.

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“I usually leave the Pokémon GO app running on my phone with the power saver mode enabled since there are heaps of lured Pokéstops around the hospital,” the nurse told reporters. “Shout out to all the players luring Pokéstops, by the way!”

“I’m normally pretty good about it; I’ll only play the game or catch a Pokémon if I’m on my break or nobodies around. I don’t want to get fired after all.”

“But when I was stripping the bed of a patient that had recently passed away, my phone vibrated. I figured that since nobody was around I’d just quickly catch the Weedle or the Pidgey, and then get back to work. When I checked my phone, there was a f****g Haunter in the room!”

nurse haunter deceased patient

For any readers who aren’t in the know, Haunter is a ghost Pokémon. He’s the kind of Pokémon you’d expect to find at a cemetery, or a place where dead people are. Like a hospital. Yeah, now you understand just how spooky and weird this story is.

And as creepy as this story is, there’s a very boring, obvious explanation. Haunter didn’t spawn at the hospital because of the recently deceased patient; it spawned because, well, that’s just what Pokémon do.

With the exception of water Pokémon spawning around water, and certain other Pokémon spawning around grassy areas like parks, most Pokémon spawn pretty randomly. It was probably just a coincidence that a Haunter happened to spawn in the same room that a man had died in less than an hour earlier.

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Yep, definitely a coincidence. That’s what we’re going to keep telling ourselves while we try to get to sleep tonight. Just a coincidence…

Anyway, what do you think about this story? Do you think it was just a case of a random Pokémon spawning in a random spawn location? Or do you think it might have been a dark, spooky sign? Let me know in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of archus7.


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