The Party Hat Pikachu Event Has Begun: This Is Everything You Need To Know

party hat pikachu event has begun

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, in case you missed the news, the party hat Pikachu event has begun. The event kicked off yesterday at 1:00PM PST, and, as the name suggests, features the lovable Pikachu wearing an adorable party hat when encountered in the wild.

The event itself is fairly straightforward; Pikachu is wearing a party hat. But, what about the spawn rates? Are Pikachu spawning more frequently during this event? And what about Raichu? Will Raichu that are encountered in the wild be wearing a party hat, too?

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The answer to both of those questions seems to be “no”. Initial reports are indicating that, unlike the Christmas hat Pikachu event, the party hat Pikachu event is showing no signs of an increased spawn rate for Pikachu. Devastating, I know.

Some players with access to city-wide scanners have reported that, sadly, the spawn rate of Pikachu is the same as it always has been. A post on The Silph Road subreddit reads: “I’m checking my scanner and there don’t seem to be any increase in Pikachus.

party hat pikachu event has begun

But then, on the other hand, another user with access to a city-wide scanner had this to say about the spawn rate: “Before event: 45. 20 minutes into event: 87. 30 minutes into event: 65.” So yeah, there could be an increase to the Pikachu spawn rate, but we’re going to need to see some more data before making any conclusions.

And as for Raichu, well, hundreds (thousands, even) have caught a Raichu in the wild since the event started, and none have been wearing party hats. There is a plus side, though. Any party hat Pikachu that is evolved into a Raichu will retain the party hat and become a party hat Raichu.

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In conclusion: The party hat Pikachu event has begun, Raichu encountered in the wild are not wearing the hat, and the spawn rate of Pikachu in the wild might be increased, but we need more data before we can give a definitive answer.

What do you think about the party hat Pikachu event? Are you happy that the spawn rate is lower than the Christmas hat Pikachu event, because it makes them rarer? Or are a little annoyed at Niantic for making them too rare? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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