Has The Party Hat Pikachu Spawn Rate Increased? According To New Data, It Might Have Happened!

Party Hat Pikachu Spawn Rate Increased

When the party hat Pikachu event first began, we reported that the spawn rates appeared to have stayed more or less the same. This was in stark contrast to the Christmas hat Pikachu event, where the spawn rate was many times higher than normal, and Pikachu were absolutely everywhere.

But it’s been a few days since the event started, and according to some players, it appears that the party hat Pikachu spawn rate has actually increased. The current data is purely anecdotal, and it’s almost certainly biome-dependent, but we still need to make sure; has the party hat Pikachu spawn rate increased?

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The first mention we found of an increased Pikachu spawn rate came from The Silph Road, where user n1co92 had this to say: “I live in southern Germany and don’t see Pikachu very often. Until today. Anybody else noticed that today? Not as much as they did on xmas holidays but there is definitely an increase!

And then, a few hours later, another user made a similar post, except this time with a little bit of evidence to back it up. FrankieTAE posted this: “Pikachu was 0.333% of spawns for the first day of Partychu. I checked the spawn rate for the past 24 hours and it has increased to 0.591%.

Party Hat Pikachu Spawn Rate Increased
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

FrankieTAE then went on to make the important point that while this data looked interesting, it was only representative of their local city, and their local city spawns. To reiterate; just because FrankieTAE observed an (almost) 100% increase in Pikachu spawns, does not mean you will experience the same increase.

That being said; there are hundreds and hundreds of trainers all over the world who are reporting that party hat Pikachu is spawning more frequently in their area. Based on these multiple reports and the little data that we do have, it’s not totally crazy to say that the party hat Pikachu spawn rate has probably been increased.

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But what do you think? Has the party hat Pikachu spawn rate increased in your area? Or do you think it’s still just as low as it was when the event started? Let me know your experiences with the party hat Pikachu event in the comment section below!

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  1. i have not seen any party hat pickachu’s at all and neither has my friends. Its such bs, we live in a rural area of florida and we get crap here. so unfair to those of us who dont live in a city.

  2. In Tonbridge Kent England there are hardly any pikachu at all yet I have caught two within the last eight hours both with party hats!

  3. I just caught 4 party hat Pikachu in 10 minutes in the Newport area of Jersey City. Before that, hadn’t seen a single one in person and only 2 or 3 on the tracker in the past five days.

  4. I think the rate is up as I had not seen any at all and yesterday I saw it at least 3 times and it showed up on my radar at least 2 more times

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