You Can Now Play Pokemon GO On The Apple Watch

Pokemon GO Apple Watch

Around a week ago, there was a lot of fake “news” floating around the Internet claiming that development of Pokemon GO for the Apple Watch had been canceled, and Apple users would never be able to Play Pokemon GO on their Apple Watches.

And then just this morning, Niantic went ahead and launched the Pokemon GO app for the Apple Watch. I guess that just goes to show that when you say one thing, Niantic will turn around and do the complete opposite. (Perhaps we should start saying that there won’t be a Christmas event?)

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The official announcement was quite long. Much too long to be posted here in its entirety, so I’ll do my best to summarize the key points (you can click here to see the full post). With the Apple Watch and Pokemon GO, you’ll be able to:

1. Log each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal Activity rings. 2. Receive notifications about nearby Pokémon. 3. Count distance toward hatching Pokémon Eggs and receiving Candy with your Buddy Pokémon. 4. Receive notifications about PokéStops nearby and collect items from them. 5. Receive notifications when Eggs hatch and medals are awarded.

pokemon go apple watch

For anybody with an Apple Watch, this sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Kind of like the Pokemon GO Plus, except you can’t actually use it to catch Pokemon. That’s OK though, because you can use it to spin Poke Stops, track egg distance, and be alerted of nearby Pokemon.

Since nobody at the office owns an Apple product (sorry!), we don’t have an Apple Watch on hand and our knowledge on the intricacies of the device are very limited. Lucky for you, this thread over on the Pokemon GO subreddit contains a lot of good information for anybody who is considering buying an Apple Watch to play Pokemon GO.

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If you’ve got an Apple Watch and have already tried the Pokemon GO app, how did you find it? Is it as good as people are saying? And, do you think it’s worth buying for the sole purpose of playing Pokemon GO? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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