Newly Discovered Pokemon GO Bug Allows Some Players To Give Their Pokemon Unlimited Powerups

Pokemon GO Bug Unlimited Powerups

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to command the power of a 3500 CP Dragonite as a brand-spankin-new, level 1 trainer? Thanks to a newly discovered bug in Pokemon GO, this dream could become a reality if you’re one of the (few) lucky players who manage to get this very specific trick to work.

You see, normally, your Pokemon’s level is tethered to the trainer’s level, and can only go as high as the trainer’s level + 1.5. For example, a level 10 player cannot power-up a Pokemon past level 11.5, and a level 20 player cannot power-up a Pokemon past level 21.5, and so on.

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This bug, however, makes it possible for a player of any level to continue to power-up a Pokemon all the way to level 40. Reddit user FatherOfAwesome discovered this bug, and explained the steps as follows (original post here):

1) Choose your desired Pokemon and ensure you have enough Candy + Stardust to reach the desired level.
2) Three finger click on the “power up” bar.
3) You should see the menu slide up more than once or flicker in a strange fashion.
4) Choose “no”. (Menu will not completely go away)
5) Choose “no” again. Menu simply will not dismiss.
6) Choose “Yes” as much as you like and power up that ‘mon far beyond the limit. (up to level 40).
7) You will need to exit the application to return to the game as normal once you are done powering up due to the menu not disappearing.

The trick is fairly straightforward, so we decided to attempt it ourselves and film the results. Sadly, we were unable to level our test Pokemon all the way to level 40, but we did succeed in leveling it to trainer level +2, which is a full half-level higher than we should have been able to achieve:

It seems like we weren’t alone; most of the people who replied to the original Reddit post were also unable to push their Pokemon to level 40. One Reddit user had this to say: “I cannot confirm this. I get a red “Error” just at the point where I would expect it: once the pokemon has reached trainer level + 2.0.

I tried this with a Vaporeon since I have plenty of Eevee candies to spare. I am level 32 and managed to get it to level 34 before I got an error message. So definitely not unlimited, but +2 is attainable,” another Reddit user testified.

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Based on our own tests, and on the tests of many other Reddit users, it seems like only a very small few are able to push their Pokemon all the way to level 40, while most players are able to achieve the trainer level +2 that we attained in the above video.

That being said; if you have the candy, the stardust, and the determination, you should give this method a try and let me know how it goes for you in the comment section below, and on the original Reddit post which can be found by clicking here.


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