Here Are 3 Clues That Suggest The Pokemon GO Christmas Event Might Be Starting On Wednesday

Pokemon GO Christmas Event Starting Wednesday

It’s only been a few days since we posted an article speculating that the “real” Pokemon GO Christmas event was (maybe) going to start last Wednesday, and much to our surprise, we were wrong. But instead of giving up on our theory, we decided to do some more research and discovered three massive clues that suggest the Pokemon GO Christmas event might be starting on Wednesday.

Why Wednesday, of all days? Honestly, the day itself is mostly irrelevant, it’s just what this Reddit user came up with when comparing the start dates of all previous events. So that’s why it’s Wednesday. Anyhoo, here are the three big clues we found that suggest something big has to be coming soon!

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The first clue is a post that was made on the official Niantic blog. The post starts off by talking about the recent partnership with Sprint and Starbucks and the fact that they won the “Game of the Year” award, and ends with the message “The month isn’t even half over, and it’s been a blast so far. Stay tuned for more.”

This is a pretty straightforward clue, in that they’re explicitly telling us that the month isn’t over yet and to “stay tuned for more”. What could they be referring to by “more”? If I was a betting man (which I am), I’d say more Gen 2 Pokemon as well as some kind of in-game XP/Candy/Stardust event.

The second clue is an email that was sent out from Niantic to various Pokemon GO players. (Note: the email seems to have been sent to a very small number of players, but it is 100% legit.) The email gives a brief recap of everything that has happened in-game over the last month, and ends with this message:

Pokemon GO Christmas Event Starting Wednesday
Source: Niantic, Fair Use

According to users on Reddit, the email was first sent out around the 14th of December, so a “few weeks” might actually land us well and truly into the new year. That being said, they’re obviously hinting pretty hard at an in-game message from Professor Willow, so something is being planned for us.

The third and final clue is the short video that was posted this morning on the official Pokemon GO Facebook page. The video features a 5km egg hatching, with the caption “Trainers, guess what hatched!” 

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This could just be a delayed video about the already released Gen 2 Pokemon, or it could be yet another hint that more Gen 2 Pokemon are about to be released into the game. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I’m choosing to believe that the release of more new Pokemon is imminent.

But what do you think about all of this? Do you think we’re on to something, or do you think we need to stop trying to predict the future? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  4. I’m so tired of always getting an Onix or Scyther or Snorlax from my 10m eggs! Everyone I know has had a Lapras or a Porygon, I always get the same thing. But it’s true that the number of pokemon is up to 237 because my husband hatched a Smoochum and now his pokedex has expanded. I can’t wait!

  5. How about clue number 4. The gigantic question mark made of the christmas lights around the pokestop on the loading screen….

  6. Hope to see Gen 2 pokemon soon. Hope the 5km egg is a Gen 2. Anyway what i really want for Christmas is a Lapras. All my 10km eggs were a disappointment. Now i dont have any 10km egg as well.

    Hope my Christmas wishes come true…

  7. I was also betting on Monday / Tuesday or Wednesday for an event, but your evidences put me a bit down.
    When on Dec 14th they talk about weekS in plural, that technically excludes the first week (or anything before 2 weeks after that date).
    Other than that, where is Wednesday on those evidences?

    That being said, I hope you’re right 😉

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