The Pokemon GO Christmas Event Was Finally Announced And Will Begin On Christmas Day

Pokemon GO Christmas Event Will Begin Christmas Day

Over the past week or so, we’ve done quite a bit of speculating about when the real Pokemon GO Christmas event would be starting, and at each and every turn, we were wrong. We were wrong about it starting on the 14th, and then, yet again, we were wrong about it starting on the 21st. Good thing we never made any hard promises, eh?

But then data-miners found a whole bunch of cool stuff in the latest Pokemon GO update, and to us, that at least confirmed that something was coming soon. And we were right about that! Because just a few hours ago, Niantic announced on their social media channels that the real Pokemon GO Christmas event will be starting on Christmas day!

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What exactly will this Pokemon GO Christmas event consist of? I’m glad you asked. Niantic have decided to split the event up into two parts, with the first part beginning on Christmas day, and the second part beginning on the 30th of December.

Part 1 of the Christmas event will run from the morning of the 25th of December until the afternoon of the 3rd of January, and will feature increased chances to hatch the new Gen 2 baby Pokemon, as well as offer a free 1-use Egg Incubator every day (on the first Poke Stop that you spin). To top it all off, Christmas hat Pikachu will spawn more frequently during this time period, and will be catchable until the 3rd of January (instead of the 29th of December)!

Pokemon GO Christmas Event Will Begin Christmas Day

Part 2 of the Christmas event (which I guess isn’t actually a Christmas event, is it?) will run from the afternoon of the 30th of December until the afternoon of the 8th of January, and will feature increased chances to catch all three of the starter Pokemon (and their evolutions). To go alongside this, and to make finding the starter Pokemon even easier, Lure Modules will last for 60 minutes instead of the typical 30 minutes.

All in all, not a bad Christmas event, right? Instead of double XP/Candy/Stardust, like we’ve seen in past events, we’re getting an increased chance to catch Gen 1 starters, an increased chance to hatch Gen 2 baby Pokemon, 10 free Egg Incubators (1 per day for 10 days), and longer lasting lures. Oh, and Christmas hat Pikachu will be around for a few extra days (and will spawn even more frequently)!

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Personally, I think this event is going to be a whole lot of fun. I think it was designed more for the collector than the power-leveler, which is a nice change of pace after feeling like I had to play during the double XP/Stardust/Candy events just so I wouldn’t fall behind. This is the kind of event that we can play at our own pace, while enjoying the Christmas holiday with our friends and family in real life.

But what do you think? Are you happy with what we’re getting? Or do you think it’s just a sneaky way for Niantic to sell more incubators to players who will be be frantically hatching as many eggs as possible? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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  1. Not sure the spawn rates of gen2/gen1 are increased that much… the Christmas pikachu is about but rest is business as usual to me… slightly disappointed as found Halloween really good….

  2. Meh. I am a collector and evolver. I rarely train at gyms. I was hoping to get extra candy. What is Christmas without candy? Also, the gift boxes are for SALE? What is Christmasy about paying for your own “gift”? I was hoping they would contain lucky eggs or incense or lures and they would randomly pop out at pokestops. Also, I wish the eggs could be hatched based upon steps on a treadmill. It is icy and nasty outdoors, and if playing in a vehicle as a passenger is too dangerous, did anyone think about encouraging people to traipse about on icy or snow -covered sidewalks RIGHT NEXT TO slippery streets? Meh.

  3. Has anyone gotten an incubator yet? I check the Pokestop outside my house every five minutes…I’m deleting potions and regular eggs to have more room in my bags, but no, no incubator. Hmmm…..

    • Me either… I slept from 9 until midnight went out and got nothing. I was out for about 4 hours came home and read online that the event might not start until Daybreak. I then realized that maybe that makes sense because children will then be awake and able to go to their local Pokey stops at cetera. But I have yet to get an incubator I don’t even know if it’s even going on. I’m very disappointed about this event. Why do we want baby Pokemon love ones that work trying to level up that doesn’t make any sense? Put New Gen 2 Pokemon in the wild so we have a reason to get out of her house in freezing cold weather

  4. All crap again you barely see lapras snorlax tartini and many more the only thing a see is pidgey and ratas i spend lot money i am level 33 and i lost the interest on playing niantic has killed the game with all stupid things had done after september

  5. What a disaster…some more charmander and bulbasaur. ..then the pikachu Xmas hat…funny but worthless. One egg a day…it is winter so who walks a lot! Beside I have 2 baby pokemon already…The only thing I catch is pidgey and rats ….very dissapointing event which made me decide to quit the game…..that was pokemon. …merry Xmas

  6. I agree this is a big dissapointment. I was looking forward to leveling up and evolving the Pokémon the I have been saving for this big(NOT) event. I guess I will give Pokémon a rest until after the first of the year. There is nothing in the Christmas event to motivate me to continue at this time.

  7. It looks like they’re trying to go with a theme around the new year. New baby Pokemon, increased begining Pokemon. While it will be nice to see more squirtles and charmanders for a while, the whole event looks more like an unabashed attempt to increase their revenue without much reward for us higher level players. Without the increases in candys, dust and or xps, it’s pretty much a lot of nothing.

  8. Well I find this event to be very uneventful because first off what’s the point of the baby Pokemon coming out after getting 10 or more of the full size Pokemon? These should have been brought out first and not later. So with that this “event” is just a lame continuation of the disappointment of the previous update. With all the hype that has come with the event it’s a huge let down. Not to mention who starts an event on Christmas? I’ll tell you who a company that really has no idea how to run an app game.

    You should have started it on the 20th or 21st. Makes more sense to get the event rolling before everybody is into the Christmas holidays. For those that are at higher levels we need double XP because it takes an eternity to level up and with the lack of rare Pokemon spawning and no Gen 2 Pokemon it sometimes is hard to wanna go out and play the game. Of course you can use incense and lures but what’s the point of you only get pidgey’s, rattatas and weedles and half of them run away after escaping the first ball. I was specifically waiting for double XP so I could make it to level 30 and now that’s gotta be put on hold.

    Luckily I really like the game which is why I’m still playing but with each event becoming less interesting my passion is also going down. Seriously take a look at other apps and see what they do and maybe you will be able to keep this app alive.

  9. It’s disappointing that the ice pokemon are not being made available to catch. No Lapras, no double experience points no double star dust. 10km eggs are becoming harder to get because it’s not profitable for Niantic. They want you to buy incubators and only hand out 5km eggs most often. They’re taking the fun out of the game. It would be nice if the rare pokemon like Lapras or Hitmon chan would be available to catch if even for only a day.

  10. So upset for Christmas event.
    I will quit playing Pokemkn go.

    My fun of playing this game is
    get XP to level up and power up the monster to battle in the gym.

    No double XP, candies and stardust is no event for me.

  11. It’s like that pony I always wanted but never got. All I want for Xmas is a bunch of new Pokemon to make the game fun again, but it looks like it’s the pony thing all over again. Bah humbug

  12. “Which I guess isn’t actually a Christmas event, is it?” I understand that most people don’t go to church but perhaps ask yourself why there is a song called the twelve days of Christmas. The liturgical calendar celebrates Christmas on more than a single day.

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