Pokemon GO: Ditto Is Now Catchable! Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Catch Your Own

Pokemon GO Ditto

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. Ditto is very much available in-game, right now, to be caught. Hundreds (if not thousands) of players have been posting on Facebook, Reddit, Imgur, and even 4chan over the last few hours that they have managed to catch one of the most elusive Pokemon in the game. Here’s everything you need to know to catch your own Pokemon GO Ditto!

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The first verifiable report was made to The Silph Road subreddit (no surprise, really), where a user named Kvothealar told fellow Redditors that a Rattata he caught just suddenly “transformed” into a Ditto.

After this first post, the Internet went crazy, and here’s what we know so far about how to catch Ditto in Pokemon GO:

  • Ditto seems to be available in all Continents and Countries, having been caught in North America, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, and Brazil. The list of Countries is growing, and at this point, there’s no reason to believe Ditto is a “regional specific” Pokemon.
  • Ditto has been found pretending to be common Pokemon such as Pidgey, Rattata, Zubat, Magikarp, Spearow, and Metapod. As time goes by, more Pokemon may be added to this list.
  • Ditto is harder to catch than the Pokemon it transforms into. This means that, if you have a keen eye, you can tell if what you’re battling is a Ditto based on how hard it is to catch.
  • Ditto will reveal itself after being caught, but before the scorecard with the XP, Stardust, and bonus(es) is shown.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about catching a Pokemon GO Ditto. Here’s a video of what it will look like when you manage to catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO:

But once you’ve got your hands on one, you’ll probably want to throw it straight into a gym battle, right?

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Here’s what we know so far about how Ditto behaves in gyms in Pokemon GO:

  • Ditto will transform into the first non-Ditto that it encounters. It does this when both defending and when attacking.
  • When Ditto transforms into another Pokemon, it will take the stats and moves of its target, but will retain it’s own level and IVs, which is why the CP will usually be different.
  • If you put your Ditto up against an enemy Ditto, nothing will happen. They will both just sit there, barely inflicting any damage on each other. We’re not sure if this is intentional or a glitch, but it’s pretty funny.
  • Ditto can not transform into an already transformed Ditto.
  • Ditto will only use Transform once per battle, and will remain as the Pokemon it transformed into even when swapped out or when the source Pokemon is defeated.
Pokemon GO Ditto

Here are a few more random facts about the Pokemon GO Ditto that might be handy to know:

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We’ll update this post as more information comes in, but as for right now, that’s preeeeetttty much all there is to it. Now get out there and catch your own Pokemon GO Ditto!

What do you think of the Ditto we got in Pokemon GO? Do you think it will shake up the way we approach gym battles? Or do you think it’s just a gimmick that will be forgotten about in a few days? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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