Pokémon GO Isn’t Dead Yet: Enormous Surge In Players And Revenue Thanks To Halloween Event

pokemon go halloween event success

As a die hard Pokemon GO fan, it saddens me greatly when people accuse the game of being “dead”. Sure, there has been a huge player drop-off since the game came out, and yeah, there are less people walking around playing the game than before. But to be honest, we should have all seen that coming.

The initial “craze” was just that; a craze. We had people who had never even played a video game before, much less a Pokemon game, jumping on the bandwagon and giving it a go. When they got bored, they stopped playing, and the number of users (obviously) dropped as well. But is it fair to call the game “dead”?

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Well, according to the data, Pokemon GO is actually doing pretty well right now; and it’s all thanks to the Halloween event. In the first 5 days that the event ran (October 25-29), the game made approximately 133% more in revenue than it did over the same time period a week earlier (October 18-22). So no, it certainly isn’t “dead”.

As well as the huge increase in revenue, there were also many more players walking around and playing the game in recent days. Local areas in my city that used to be hotspots for Pokemon GO’ers were active once again, as adults and children alike scoured the streets in search of Gengars, Hypnos, and Marowaks.

pokemon go halloween event success

For a lot of people, the game that had become boring or stale was incredibly fun once again. With the event ending today soon, it’s expected that the revenue and player-base will start to slowly drop off again. How low will it go before only the truly dedicated players remain? That’s something that only time can tell.

But what I know for certain is that as long as Niantic keep updating the game, keep adding new features and more Pokemon, and keep having awesome special events like the Halloween event, millions of players will be sticking around for years and years to come.

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While we’re on the topic of special events, what do you think the next one will be? Personally, I think we’ll definitely be getting a Christmas event, and I’m hoping that we also get some legendary Pokemon released around the same time (with Mewtwo on New Years Eve!)

Anyway, that’s just me. What are you hoping will be the next event, and what do you think it will involve? Leave a comment below!


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