Pokemon GO Just Increased The Pokemon Spawn Rate In Parks And Rural Areas

Pokemon GO Increased Pokemon Spawn Rate Parks Rural Areas

One of the absolute biggest complaints players have made about Pokemon GO in the past is that there just aren’t enough Pokemon in rural areas. It’s something that city players will likely never understand, and it’s a major factor that influences whether a rural player will quit or whether they will continue to play the game.

Yesterday, Niantic posted to their official Pokemon GO social media accounts informing the world that rural players will finally be seeing more Pokemon spawning in the wild at parks and other outdoor locations.

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The actual post reads: “Trainers, we’ve observed increased numbers of Pokémon sightings in parks and other outdoor locations in urban and rural areas,” and could be a huge step in the right direction for bringing rural players back to the game just before Christmas.

But what does this update actually mean for rural players? The announcement is intentionally ambiguous; using phrasing such as “parks”, “outdoor locations”, and “urban and rural areas”. What do Niantic define as a “park” or a “rural area”? Who will actually see an increase in Pokemon spawning?

Pokemon GO Increased Pokemon Spawn Rate Parks Rural Areas

This is just an anecdote, so don’t pay it too much importance, but I’m at home for the holidays in a rural town and haven’t noticed any difference in Pokemon spawns since this new update. Not at the local park, not in “outdoor locations”, not anywhere.

Some trainers over on Reddit have been trying to figure it all out, and one user, WoodWoseWulf, has found that state parks and national parks (that are listed on Google Maps) have received an increase to the Pokemon spawn rate, while parks that are not listed on Google Maps have not.

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But what do you think about this new update? Have you noticed more Pokemon spawning in your area? If so, were you at a state or national park, or was it at the local park down the road? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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  1. Marisa comentou em 19 de agosto de 2011 às 14:49. OI Júlia!Gostaria de saber sua opiniao sobre as bases da YSL. Meu marido vai para os EUA e estou pensando em pedir para ele trazer uma base para mim… Fui a uma loja de maquiagem e me disseram que as bases da YSL sao as melhores e fiquei tet#ada&n8230;Obrigada

  2. I live in a serious rural farmland area here in good old Johnston County NC.
    were Tobacco, corn and cotton are farmed, everyone wares Carhartt Jackets and we drink Moonshine. Seriously…
    Many of us listen to country music and chase Pokémon in our Pickup trucks too.

    I am here to say… There is no increase in Pokémon numbers in our neck of the woods
    unless it is during an event.

    By the way… We would love it if Niantic would set up more Pokémon nest site in Rural areas.
    because it is a real hassle having to drive 50 miles one way just to hit said nests in the Raleigh area.
    but we will… cause unlike you spoiled city types, who get Pokémon handed to you on a silver platter.
    we are dedicated to the Hunt… and to hatching out our livestock…

    Gonna catch em all..

  3. Hadn’t noticed too much until today,i had only seen and caught 1 chancy the whole time i have been playing.today i seen 2 and caught 1 in the space of 30 mins.strangely odd.now i want to see golem,aerodactyl,porygon and omastar appear for me and ill be happy.

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