The Pokemon GO Motivation System Seems Pretty Confusing, But Here’s How It All Works

Pokemon GO Motivation System

What is the Pokemon GO motivation system? With all of the commotion and excitement about the gym overhaul and the brand new raid feature, nobody has really been talking about the brand new motivation system. So, how exactly does the new Pokemon GO motivation system work?

Well, the motivation system is kind of, sort of, another form of a Pokemon’s HP. Heck, that’s probably why it’s depicted as a pink heart when looking at a Pokemon in a gym! The short answer is this: Pokemon that are defending a gym have a motivation level, and once it reaches 0, the Pokemon will return to its trainer.

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In Pokemon GO, a Pokemon’s motivation seems to be tied to its maximum CP. When a Pokemon loses motivation (either by being defeated in battle, or gradually over time), it will also lose an amount of CP. While we’re not yet certain what the exact relationship between CP and motivation is, we’ve got a rough idea.

First of all, when a Pokemon is initially inserted into a gym, it immediately loses a certain amount of motivation and CP. According to some research coming out of The Silph Road, the amount of CP a Pokemon will lose when inserted into a gym is 8% of its max CP, which corresponds with a motivation drop of 10%.

Pokemon GO Motivation System
Source: Niantic, Fair Use

According to the same research, it seems that when a defending Pokemon is defeated in battle, it will lose 28% of its maximum CP, regardless of how much CP it currently has. This corresponds to a motivation drop of 35%, every time a defending Pokemon is defeated in battle.

To reiterate: A Pokemon will enter a gym with 100% motivation (but will lose 10% immediately), and will then lose 35% motivation each and every time it is defeated in battle. If we do the math, it becomes clear that a Pokemon must only be defeated three times before reaching a motivation level of 0%, and being removed from the gym.

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This information should excite you. It means that to clear out an enemy gym, you only need to defeat each Pokemon a maximum of three times. And to top it all off, because CP is linked to motivation, the defending Pokemon get progressively weaker and easier to defeat the more you battle them!

But what do you think? Is the Pokemon GO motivation system a fair system? Or do you think it makes it too easy to knock out defending Pokemon and take over gyms? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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