The Pokemon GO New Year Event Has Started, And It’s Way Better Than The Christmas Event

Pokemon GO New Year Event Has Started

First of all, a very happy new year to you all! We had a great time in 2016 with Pokemon GO, and we hope that 2017 is just as good, if not better, for this new and exciting game that we all enjoy and love.

Niantic must be on the same page of thinking as us, because on the afternoon of the 30th of December, they kick-started the second phase of the holiday event with a Pokemon GO new year event, and we think it’s way better than the first half.

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The first big part of the new year event is the sale on certain items in the in-game shop. As with the Christmas event, there are three “gift boxes” that you can purchase, and each one contains different items for different prices.

The “Bronze Box” costs 460 Poke Coins and contains 100 Poke Balls and 8 Lure Modules. The “Silver Box” costs 980 Poke Coins and contains 8 Incense, 8 Lucky Eggs, and 8 Lure Modules. And last but certainly not least, the “Gold Box” costs 2480 Poke Coins and contains 50 Great Balls, 25 Incense, 25 Lucky Eggs, and 16 Lure Modules.

Pokemon GO New Year Event Has Started
Source: Niantic, Fair Use

Now, I probably don’t need to tell you, but these are some serious discounts. I normally only buy Incubators, Lucky Eggs, and the occasional Lure Module, and I’m strongly considering buying pretty much every gift box that’s available.

The second part of the new year event is that Generation 1 starter Pokemon (and their evolutions) are appearing more frequently in the wild. This is quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever been given for an event, because it means that virtually all of us will be able to evolve our starter Pokemon and get that little bit closer to completing our Pokedex.

I’m not sure exactly how much the spawns have been increased by, but over the last day or so I’ve caught at least 10 of each starter Pokemon, and I haven’t been playing as much as I usually do. I also finally evolved my Charmeleon into a Charizard, which was incredibly satisfying.

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The third and final part of the new year event is that Lure Modules will run for 60 minutes instead of the normal 30. This was probably done in an attempt to boost sales while they’re on sale, but it also means that we have more opportunities to catch the starter Pokemon too. All three parts of this event will run until the afternoon of January 8 (PST).

What do you think about the Pokemon GO new year event? Are you going to be hitting the streets and trying to catch as many starter Pokemon as you can? Or have you already evolved them all, and have no need for any more starters? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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