The Pokemon GO New Year Event Has Started, And It’s Way Better Than The Christmas Event

Pokemon GO New Year Event Has Started

First of all, a very happy new year to you all! We had a great time in 2016 with Pokemon GO, and we hope that 2017 is just as good, if not better, for this new and exciting game that we all enjoy and love.

Niantic must be on the same page of thinking as us, because on the afternoon of the 30th of December, they kick-started the second phase of the holiday event with a Pokemon GO new year event, and we think it’s way better than the first half.

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The first big part of the new year event is the sale on certain items in the in-game shop. As with the Christmas event, there are three “gift boxes” that you can purchase, and each one contains different items for different prices.

The “Bronze Box” costs 460 Poke Coins and contains 100 Poke Balls and 8 Lure Modules. The “Silver Box” costs 980 Poke Coins and contains 8 Incense, 8 Lucky Eggs, and 8 Lure Modules. And last but certainly not least, the “Gold Box” costs 2480 Poke Coins and contains 50 Great Balls, 25 Incense, 25 Lucky Eggs, and 16 Lure Modules.

Pokemon GO New Year Event Has Started
Source: Niantic, Fair Use

Now, I probably don’t need to tell you, but these are some serious discounts. I normally only buy Incubators, Lucky Eggs, and the occasional Lure Module, and I’m strongly considering buying pretty much every gift box that’s available.

The second part of the new year event is that Generation 1 starter Pokemon (and their evolutions) are appearing more frequently in the wild. This is quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever been given for an event, because it means that virtually all of us will be able to evolve our starter Pokemon and get that little bit closer to completing our Pokedex.

I’m not sure exactly how much the spawns have been increased by, but over the last day or so I’ve caught at least 10 of each starter Pokemon, and I haven’t been playing as much as I usually do. I also finally evolved my Charmeleon into a Charizard, which was incredibly satisfying.

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The third and final part of the new year event is that Lure Modules will run for 60 minutes instead of the normal 30. This was probably done in an attempt to boost sales while they’re on sale, but it also means that we have more opportunities to catch the starter Pokemon too. All three parts of this event will run until the afternoon of January 8 (PST).

What do you think about the Pokemon GO new year event? Are you going to be hitting the streets and trying to catch as many starter Pokemon as you can? Or have you already evolved them all, and have no need for any more starters? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. It’s great talking about Pokemon go. I am playing it form the release date. I am on 39 level. I am looking for some valuable gift,like as powerful Pokemon.

  2. It was fun to get these stater Pokemon but please I’d like to get some of the harder things to get without trying to get in an egg the things we don’t see please release them……….

  3. Agree with others comments the end of year event was rubbish gift boxes? Not a gift if were paying which I did, level 28 300k to level up not enough balls to catch what I need taking forever, the higher you get the more you should get when you level up give us a kick start to the huge number we see to level up again. Keep us interested! not thinking can’t be assed will take forever!

  4. The starter Pokemon are a nice change of pace as I was able to finally get a Blastoise. My only complaint is the starter Pokemon are such a pain to catch sometimes. They bounce out of so many Great Balls & Ultra Balls…

  5. And yeah forgot getting into a friendly gym almost as hard is taking over a gym. But losing the gym immediately after winning it is instantaneous. What’s wrong with this? Not trying to do nothing but complain but I’m not seeing the benefit of all of these specials.

  6. Not seeing the spawning. Not enough XP. Need double XP and double Stardust. Starting to get bored almost forever almost 2 level 31

  7. I am amazed at how far people have progressed in the game. I have been playing every day since 9th July, I have resolutely refused to buy anything at all from Niantic and am at level 24 (goes to show that purchases do help!). I had a few tens of mons to go in my dex and have to say that this Xmas and New Year event although good for starters was extremely disappointing in giving us another 90 mons to collect – now I feel I’ll never get there!

  8. taurous,no double stardust.i can only play the game but buying coins to buy balls lures etc not going to at level 30 and very dissatisfied with the game…..

    • Sorry folks am in the United Kingdom…Scotland in fact.not seen Taurus farfetch or kangastan.three birds mew or mewto but heyho catching everything when I can..

      • thats because, taurus is america exclusive, far fetch is asia exclusive, and kanga is australia exclusive. the 3 birds and the mews are in the game yet

  9. Wow!! This is the first “blog”/comment area that I have read that I can actually identify with. I’m almost level 32 and make sure I play at least a little every day (mainly to get the benefits of the 7-Day Streak bonuses). I was so incredibly disappointed with the results of the Christmas Event. I had been saving up Pokemon since Thanksgiving, waiting to evolve/trade them off with the use of a Lucky Egg. With players getting to higher and higher levels, events that double XP are really the only thing to look forward to. The 2nd set of gift boxes were also very disappointing, as I never use Incense or Lure Modules…they don’t do any good. One Pokemon showing up every 5-10 minutes is an absolute waste of time and money when I can just walk/drive to a Pokestop. But you know what has gotten me into playing the game more? Finding and reporting the cheaters! There are gyms close to my home and after watching them closely, I have figured out that there is a team of “players” in our little city that is obviously using the hack to play Pokemon Go. I reported them to Niantic and surprisingly, they must have done something because they are no longer taking over gyms remotely! Yeah! So while I am disappointed in Niantic’s management of events, I am happy they are banning players who are cheating.

  10. Am a loyal die-hard fan but have to say that the Christmas / New Year event is less than spectacular. The starter poke’s being bulbasaur, charMandel and Squirttle are the only ones spawning around central California. Had expected to see a Charizard or Blastoise by now. Not even one on the sightings. I am getting tired of getting smoked bt a 100cp pidgey. Niantic increased hatch rate on the Gen 2 babies has been a joke. Out of 10 2k, 24 5k and 5 10k hatched eggs, I hatched 4 igglybuffs and a
    pichu. What the hell. Niantic sure takes my money for incubators without hesitation. They need to step it up with follow through or not even bother. Love the game, just not how it is been governed.

  11. I’m level 33 and agree with most of the above comments. I have been a loyal player since July. When our daughters hooked our entire family on Pokémon Go, six of us started and only my husband and I remain playing everyday. I have 5 pokemon left to fill in my dex. Yes, after other events I was disappointed in Christmas event. Before baby eggs my last new pokemon was almost month ago sad but true. I’m taking to the grave, how much I have spent on Pokémon coins… Hopefully, Niantic will come up with something to help out higher level trainers to stay motivated. I really miss the hunt and excitement of getting a new pokemon. Especially, getting to rub it in my husband face. All the Game apps or even old school game has ever sparked me to feel this way. Ok, rant over. Still loving Pokémon Go in Oklahoma.

  12. This second Christmas event is worthless to me (level 33). The xp needed to level up is so huge and this event does nothing to help that, and does nothing for the very loyal everyday player. The new boxes are useless to me, the deal on incubators were much more useful.
    This just seems like a ploy to increase revenue along with rewarding Starbucks.
    I’m a very disgruntled “Loyal” player!

  13. The gen 2 really needs to come out …. have been waiting and almost have all Pokémon from gen 1 accept the very rare….. it’s starting to get boring …..and many others have implied the same ….. and come up with better events…. and better access to other Pokémon….. u hardly if at all see a snorelax or charmanders or charzars it needs to to get better

  14. I benefited from the thanksgiving event the most. If you want people to return you have to give them a boost that will somewhat narrow the gap they created from taking a hiatus. I like the Christmas boxes but only got the 250 ones. I didn’t know the boxes were changing December 30. I would have bought a few more 250 coin boxes. The new boxes are not what I want or need. At level 33 the most useful things to me are the incubators, backpack upgrade and storage upgrade. I still have a bunch of lucky eggs I bought. The lures and incense are useless to me and getting me no more than going to any populated area and just hanging out there with no lure or incense. Please bring back double xp at the next event.

  15. I feel the same way about the boxes I already had bought incubators and now the discounted price is gone and I’m working on level 27 but it really takes a long time now and it is discouraging that each level is going to be so much longer and many of these starter Pokemon are very hard to get use up so many balls and then run away

  16. I evolved all three starters for 3 new entries in my Pokedex, have TONS of candy to power up the Venusaur, AND caught a decent Venusaur! I used lures for the first time but was dissapointed – no starters showed up for them. In my opinion they’re just part of the event to benefit Niantic’s new partner Starbucks.

  17. Well, the Pokemon GO new year event has not done me much good at all especially compared to Halloween & Thanksgiving. I am at level 32, closing in on 33. But I came into it already having Blastoise, 2 Charizard & a Venusaur. I have nothing left in my Pokedes to even evolve so what is my incentive? I play daily & walk like crazy, but earning xp takes forever at this level and with having nothing left to work for…I sure am hoping they release some Gen2 soon. I thought maybe they’d surprise us and have double xp on Jan.1 only. That would have been awesome. It sure would have been cool to have 60 min lucky egg vs lure. I never use a lure because I am always moving when I play & live in STL where there are tons of places to catch. Lures only help me maybe at a restaurant that has a stop.

    I guess the higher chance for Gen2 babies to hatch was pretty cool. Atleast it was something new. I bought a ton of incubators & do have all of the babies now & duplicates, except Pichu. But I’m not going to buy anymore incubators. I will just have to be patient hatching Pichu. I am not going to go out of my way to increase my chance.
    I was so bummed when they changed the gift boxes. I was going to purchase my 3rd or 4th bronze box to get more incubators but when I went to the store it had changed and I really don’t need those items. I had already purchased lucky eggs hoping (like everyone else) that they would have double xp for the holiday event.

    So what will Niantic do for its loyal players? I have played everyday since July 12, have spent over $50 & have gotten several friends hooked as well. I’ve kept my enthusiasm as well, until now. At this point there is little to be excited about. On NYE I drove a couple friends around who are under level 30 & they still had several empty apots in their Pokedex. So the 3 hours of hunting was very fruitful for them, but not for me at all. I barely put a dent in my 750,000 xp requirement. Evolving with a lucky egg the following day barely put a dent. 🙁 Woe is me. Haha.

    I am training for a marathon (walk not run) so I will keep playing because I hate to give up. But I now play without the enthusiasm I once had.

    • I agree with all you said. I wanted to buy more gift boxes too, but they changed before I could.
      I thought the Christmas event was lame compared to Halloween and thanksgiving.
      And now on the second event, even though there are more Charmanders etc to be found in the wild, we are getting very frustrated on how hard they are to catch. Makes playing less and less fun.

    • I agree completely… I am in the exact same spot as you… level 32… play daily but am getting bored…. have all I can get!

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