Pokemon GO Plus Review: Should You Buy It? Everything You Need To Know Before You Make Your Decision

pokemon go plus

Ah, the Pokemon GO Plus. The little accessory that, at first glance, seems like a gimmicky waste of time. And how could it not? The marketing for the device has been poor, the hype was nonexistent, and as far as everyone could tell, they were going to be forking out $35 USD for a barely-functional fashion accessory.

But is there more too it than that? Is the Pokemon GO Plus actually a decent buy? And could it really be worth $35 of your hard earned dollars? I’ll be tackling all of those questions and more in this ultimate Pokemon GO Plus Review.

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First, I’ll explain exactly what the Pokemon GO Plus is. Then, I’ll discuss the features of the Pokemon GO Plus. The good, and the bad. After that, we’ll talk about price, and how much you’re going to be looking at paying depending on where you live.

Moving on from price, we’ll talk about availability, and whether or not you’ll be able to even buy one right now. And finally, I’ll finish up with my final verdict. Let’s get right into it!

What Is The Pokemon GO Plus?

The Pokemon GO Plus was first announced a few months ago, and, after its release date was initially pushed back, it finally hit shelves on the 16th of September. The idea behind the Pokemon GO Plus is simple; it’s a way to play the game without actually having to play the game. Confused? I’ll explain.

pokemon go plus review
Source: Nintendo

This is what the Pokemon GO Plus looks like. It’s a plastic, deformed Poke Ball, with a little button that you can press in the middle. You can attach the device to the wristband pictured above (it comes included), or you can carry the device instead, and not use the wristband. Your call!

The Pokemon GO Plus then connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and allows you to perform in-game tasks (such as catching Pokemon, spinning Poke Stops, and hatching eggs) all at the press of a button. Your phone can be locked, in your pocket, and you’re still able to play the game – as long as the app is running in the background. (Now do you see what I meant about playing the game without actually playing it?)

Pokemon GO Plus Features

As I briefly mentioned above, the main features of the Pokemon GO Plus are the ability to catch Pokemon, spin Poke Stops, and hatch eggs, all at the touch of a button. As cool as those features are, there’s more. You’re also able to play the game while riding a bike, or while sitting at your desk at work, thanks to the Pokemon GO Plus. I’ll breakdown each feature into a sub-section and explain them in depth below.

Catching Pokemon With The Pokemon GO Plus

Catching Pokemon with the Pokemon GO Plus is incredibly straight-forward and easy; all you have to do is press the button when it flashes green. The game will then simulate a battle, and throw a single Poke Ball. If that single Poke Ball catches the Pokemon, you’ll get a notification on your phone informing you that the Pokemon was caught, and the device will flash multiple colors and vibrate.

catching pokemon go plus
Source: Niantic

On the flip-side, if you weren’t lucky and the Pokemon escaped the Poke Ball, you’ll get a notification that the Pokemon fled, and that will be the end of it. One Poke Ball, and one chance to catch each Pokemon.

That might seem harsh, and many players have reported catch rates hovering around the 50-60% mark, but it can also be a godsend if you’re the type of player who is likely to waste 10 Poke Balls on a single Rattata. With the Pokemon GO Plus, you get one shot and one shot only to catch each Pokemon, which will result in far fewer wasted Poke Balls.

Spinning Poke Stops With The Pokemon GO Plus

Just like catching Pokemon, spinning Poke Stops with the Pokemon GO Plus is also incredibly simple. When you walk by an eligible Poke Stop, the device will vibrate and flash blue. After the blue flash, just click the button and the items will be obtained instantly and sent straight to your inventory.

poke stop pokemon go plus
Source: Niantic

You’ll then get a notification on your phone informing you of how many items were received. Unlike with catching Pokemon, there doesn’t seem to be a obvious downside when it comes to spinning Poke Stops.

Hatching Eggs With The Pokemon GO Plus

When the Pokemon GO Plus was first announced, and in all discussions about the device leading up to its release, it was never mentioned that you would be able to hatch eggs while using the device. In fact, until the device was released, players were certain that it wouldn’t be able to track the distance walked to hatch eggs.

Well, we were wrong. Since the game is still open in the background processes and running while your phone is locked in your pocket or bag, it still has access to your GPS. Therefore, by using the Pokemon GO Plus, it is now possible to accumulate kilometers and hatch your eggs without actually playing the game.

egg hatching pokemon go plus

This is, in my opinion, the best part of the Pokemon GO Plus. It means that you can have the app idle, with your phone locked and in your pocket while going about your daily lives, and still accumulate steps and hatch eggs. (This also applies to buddy Pokemon and obtaining candy!)

Riding A Bike With The Pokemon GO Plus

I know I said that hatching Pokemon with the Pokemon GO Plus was my favorite feature, but I think it might actually be tied with being able to play the game while riding a bike. The idea sounds dangerous for sure, but once you actually think about what goes into it, it’s a lot safer than you might first think.

Riding A Bike With The Pokemon GO Plus

This is how to do it: You’re riding around the city on your bike. Your phone is in your pocket, and your Pokemon GO Plus is held firmly in your non-dominant hand. This setup allows you to ride the bike one handed while also pressing the button on the Pokemon GO Plus whenever it vibrates, meaning you can collect literally hundreds of Poke Stops and catch many, many Pokemon in a short time period while exerting no actual effort playing the game.

Using The Pokemon GO Plus At Work

If you work in a populated area where a lot of Pokemon spawn throughout the day, the Pokemon GO Plus will make catching Pokemon easier than ever before. Instead of whipping out your phone during breaks or whenever the boss isn’t around, now you can just press the button whenever it flashes to catch Pokemon all throughout the day, worry free!

Pokemon GO Plus Price

Like most products, there’s a slight variation in price between Countries.

  • In America, retailers are selling them for $35 USD.
  • In Australia, you’ll be paying between $50 and $60 AUD for a Pokemon GO Plus.
  • In Canada, they’re priced at $45 CAD.
  • And in the UK, you’ll be forking over a hefty £34.99 GBP for a device.
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Where Can You Buy A Pokemon GO Plus?

At the time of writing this (18/09/2016), every single Pokemon GO Plus in the entire world is sold out. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you’re not going to be able to walk into your nearest video game shop and buy one at the moment. Not a chance.

So where can you buy a Pokemon GO Plus? Honestly, even online they’re exceedingly rare.

  • In America, GameStop does sell them, but at the moment, they’re out of stock. As well as GameStop, you can grab one from Amazon, but you’ll be looking at paying well over $100 USD for the time being. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be many other places selling the Pokemon GO Plus.
  • In Australia, EB Games does sell them, but like their American counterpart, they’re currently out of stock. However, if you’re quick, you can grab a Pokemon GO Plus from the official Nintendo eBay store (at the time of writing, they’ve sold 3000/4000, so you really do need to be quick!)
  • In Canada, you can order a Pokemon GO Plus from the EB Games website, but there’s no mention of how long it will take to arrive due to reduced stock. You could be waiting for a while, too.
  • In the UK, you can grab a Pokemon GO Plus from the official Nintendo website, but be warned, they have listed that dispatch won’t begin until the end of October, so you might be waiting a while.

Should I Buy The Pokemon GO Plus? Final Verdict!

At first glance, the Pokemon GO Plus might seem like nothing but a gimmicky cash-grab. But when you dig a little deeper and take a look at all of the features on offer, it’s easy to see the value in a device like this.

Personally, I’ve been using my Pokemon GO Plus every time I have to go for a long walk, or every time I go for a bike ride. I also use it when I’m out specifically playing Pokemon GO with my friends (only to spin Poke Stops, and also so I’m constantly getting my steps up for my eggs).

The $50 AUD price tag, at first, seemed a bit steep, but after playing around with it and getting a feel for the device, I feel like it’s worth every dollar. It really does make Pokemon GO fun again, especially when you’re going for a long walk or bike ride.

Riding Bike Pokemon GO Plus

My final verdict is this: If you’re still addicted to Pokemon GO, if you’re the kind of person who wants to be able to catch Pokemon and get items while riding your bike, or if you simply want to hatch your eggs without holding your phone in your hand, the Pokemon GO Plus is for you.

If you’re able to buy one right now; do it. Otherwise, you might be waiting a while for stocks to replenish in physical locations, and also online. But you know what they say; good things come to those who wait.

What do you think about the Pokemon GO Plus? Have you bought one yet? If not, are you planning on it? And if you do have one, are you enjoying it? Let me know all about your experiences with the Pokemon GO Plus in the comment section below!


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