Pokemon GO Raid Cheat Sheet

Sorry, our giveaway has ended!

To make it up to you, here’s a free download of our raid cheat sheet:

We initially created the Pokemon GO raid cheat sheet as a tool for ourselves, so we could, at a glance, see exactly which Pokemon were the best to use in a raid. The cheat sheet currently includes data for all of the 3 & 4 star raid bosses, and will be updated as soon as new raid bosses are added to the game.

Here’s an example of what the cheat sheet looks like:

Pokemon GO Raid Cheat Sheet

As you can see from the example above, the Pokemon GO raid cheat sheet shows you quite a few important details. In order from left to right, these details are:

  • The raid boss’s type
  • The raid boss’s minimum and maximum catch CP
  • The raid boss’s type weaknesses (black background indicates double weakness)
  • The three best Pokemon to use against the raid boss

Want to download the full raid cheat sheet? To get your free copy of the cheat sheet, simply click here!