Pokemon GO Tracking Apps Aren’t Dead: Here Are 13 That Still Work Perfectly Fine In November

Pokemon GO Tracking Apps Aren't Dead

Have you ever gone to open your tracker-of-choice, eager to find a Dragonite or a Snorlax, and then find that it just doesn’t work? I have, and it sucks. Niantic are really cracking down on Pokemon GO tracking apps, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’d all been killed.

Well, no matter how hard Niantic try, they just can’t seem to kill them all. Yep, Pokemon GO tracking apps aren’t dead… Yet. Here’s a list of 13 trackers that, according to my own personal testing and the Pokemon GO Dev subreddit, still work as of 11/17/2016. (5 are for Android, 4 are for iOS, and 4 are for PC.)

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Note: Before continuing, I should mention that most of these tracking apps require a “dummy account”. A dummy account is just a throwaway Pokemon Trainer Club Account, and can be created by clicking here. (DO NOT USE YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT OR IT MIGHT BE BANNED. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!!!)

Pokemon GO Tracking Apps For Android:

  1. In my opinion, the best Android tracking app is Pokémap. It’s currently the only tracking app for Android that doesn’t require a dummy account, and no, I’ve got no idea how that is possible. It also tells you the exact IVs and the catch/flee rate of a Pokemon, and how long you have until it despawns. If you’ve got an Android, this is the app you want to be using.
  2. Next up is PokeAlert. It requires a dummy account, but once that’s taken care of, the app runs smoothly. I haven’t used it as much as I’ve used Pokémap, but it’s still a solid choice.
  3. I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually personally tested any of the other Android tracking apps. That being said, number 3 on the list is PokeMesh, and it requires a dummy account.
  4. If for some reason you can’t get the first 3 working on your phone, there’s also PokeSensor. It too requires a dummy account.
  5. And if it comes down to it, the final working tracker for Android is pokiiMap. According to the Pokemon GO Dev subreddit, this particular tracker requires 6 dummy accounts.
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Pokemon GO Tracking Apps For iOS:

I don’t own a single Apple product, so I’ve got no idea how well these apps work. All I know is that, according to their creators, they all work. So good luck.

  1. PokéTracker comes in at #1, and requires between 5 and 20 dummy accounts.
  2. PokeSensor is ranked #2, and requires a single dummy account.
  3. Next up is Beacon GO. It can’t scan everywhere, and we’re not sure if you need dummy accounts, and if you do, we aren;t sure how many you need.
  4. Finally, there’s PokeWhere. Yep, it too requires dummy accounts.

Pokemon GO Tracking Apps For PC:

Same story with the iOS tracking apps: I haven’t actually tried any of them. But like the iOS tracking apps, their creators say they work, so I’m going to believe them. At least for now.

  1. Apparently Pokémon GO – DesktopMap(mchristopher) is a good tracking app, but be warned, as there are reports of potential bans. It also requires dummy accounts.
  2. Same story with PokemonGo Map. Reports of bans, and requires dummy accounts. Do not use your main account!
  3. Pokeminer also requires dummy accounts.
  4. And you guessed it, the final entry in this list pokemon-radar.net requires dummy accounts as well.

And that’s all 13 of the currently working Pokemon GO tracking apps that I know exist. There are probably more of them out there, but they’re not as easy to find or as accessable as these.

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Honestly, until Niantic add a viable method of tracking Pokemon to the game, tracking apps aren’t going anywhere. As long as people need to track Pokemon, developers will continute to thwart Niantic’s plan and create these apps.

What do you think of the apps listed above? Have you tried any of them? Are they good or bad at tracking Pokemon? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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