The Latest Pokemon GO Update Makes Cheating Harder For Spoofers & Botters

Pokemon GO Update Makes Cheating Harder

A few hours after the Double XP Easter event ended, Niantic pushed a server-side update that has made it much harder for spoofers and botters to obtain Pokemon with perfect IVs (individual values). The move comes only days after Niantic took to Twitter to announce that they were making more of an effort to fight back against cheaters, and honestly, I love it.

Previously, when a Pokemon was encountered in the wild, it would have the exact same IVs and moveset no matter who encountered it, and the only thing that differed was the CP. This made it easy for spoofers and botters to fly around the world catching 100% IV Pokemon, as they could simply pinpoint the exact location with mapping services, teleport to the location, and make the catch.

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The latest Pokemon GO update makes cheating harder for spoofers & botters by randomizing IVs and movesets on encounter, just like it has always done with a Pokemon’s CP. It’s also similar to how a shiny Magikarp won’t be shiny for everyone, and will do wonders to slow down cheaters from catching the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

The update was first reported by a Reddit user named “Marvel227” on The Silph Road, who said: “I’m part of a rather large PoGo community in a rather large US city. Hearing lots of reports that multiple people have caught multiple of the same Pokemon and found DIFFERENT IVs and movesets than each other (basically how shinies currently work).

But what do you think about this latest server-side update? Do you think that this will stop botters & spoofers from obtaining strong Pokemon? Or do you think this is just  going to unfairly punish players who aren’t breaking the rules?  As always; let me know what you think in the comment section below!


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