Raid Battles And New Gym Features Are Coming To Pokemon GO Very Soon!

Raid Battles And New Gym Features Are Coming To Pokemon GO

Okay, this is huge news. We all knew that the gyms were going to close today in preparation for the gym overhaul, but nobody thought that we’d be getting an announcement with all of the details as well!That’s right! Raid battles and new gym features are coming to Pokemon GO, and this is everything we know so far.

First of all, gyms will now give items just like Poke Stops do. This is something that players have been asking for since the game came out, and is a fantastic addition. But wait, there’s more. So much more!

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Gyms will no longer be about prestige or training; instead there will be 6 permanent slots to each gym. Pokemon will still be placed into the gym based on the team who is in control of the gym, but they will be fought in the order that they were placed in the gym, and, to spice things up, only one of each Pokemon can be in a gym at a time. No more Blissey gyms!

There will also be a feature known as the “motivation system”. This motivation system means a Pokemon in a gym will slowly lose motivation over time, and when it is defeated in battle. Once the motivation drops to 0, the Pokemon will be returned to the trainer.

As the Pokemon’s motivation drops, its CP drops too, meaning a Pokemon will get progressively weaker and weaker the longer it is in a gym. However, a Pokemon’s motivation can be increased by feeding it berries, which may mean that we need to revisit gyms in person to feed our Pokemon.

Raid Battles And New Gym Features Are Coming To Pokemon GO
Source: Niantic, Fair Use

Gym badges are also being added, and will serve as a memento of your battles. You’ll be able to level them up by battling at the gym, by feeding berries to the Pokemon inside the gym, and by spinning the gym’s photo disc. Increase your gym badges level, and you’ll have the chance to earn additional items and rewards from the gym.

Raid battles are being added, too. Soon, we’ll be able to team up with friends and take down truly powerful Pokemon. Raid battles will take place at gyms, and you’ll know one’s about to start when a giant egg appears on top with a timer next to it. Once the timer reaches zero, you will be able to team up and try to defeat the raid Pokemon.

In order to battle the raid Pokemon, you’ll need a raid pass. One raid pass can be obtained every day for free (by battling gyms), and they can also be bought with Poke Coins, too. Once you’ve defeated the raid Pokemon within the 5 minute time period, you’ll have a chance to catch it for yourself!

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Once you’ve defeated the raid boss, you’ll also receive some special items that can’t be obtained anywhere else. These items are Rare Candies, Golden Razz Berries, Fast Technical Machines (TMs), and Charge Technical Machines (TMs).

The Rare Candy, when used on a Pokemon, will give an undisclosed number of candies for that Pokemon. The Golden Razz Berries will function like Razz Berries (but will be way more powerful), and the Fast/Charge Technical Machines will allow you to permanently change the Fast/Charge move for a Pokemon.

And I think that’s all of it! If you want to read the full announcement with all of the little details that we might have glossed over, click here to do so. These new features sound amazing, and I can’t wait to be able to test them out!

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