This Pokémon GO Player Spent 30 Minutes Battling A Gym And Was Given A Real Badge When He Won

Pokémon GO real gym badge

Pokémon GO is a fun game, don’t get me wrong, but when you spend hours upon hours battling gyms only to receive a tiny amount of EXP, a few coins and some stardust, you might be left feeling like you deserve a little something more.

And a little something more is exactly what Reddit user Dark_Ashelin got today when he was given a real gym badge after spending a whopping 30 minutes taking down a single gym.

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According to Ashelin, he was given the badge while standing outside the gym (in the real world, the gym was a manufacturing building), and the man who gave him the badge was a worker at that company. Here’s a link to the post on Reddit.

This type of awesome behavior is on the rise, too, as people have started 3D printing badges to hand out at gyms. Who knows, in a couple of weeks we could all be walking around wearing gym badges to show off our sweet Pokémon skills!

real gym badge
Source: Reddit

That’s a pretty neat badge, huh? I think I might have to order some online and start handing them out to people around my area too!

Have you guys ever been given anything after beating a gym? Or have you ever given somebody else something after they beat your gym (other than a black eye)? Let me know by dropping a comment below.

Featured image courtesy of The Pokémon Company.


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