The Real Pokemon GO Christmas Event Might Be Starting Today, According To Popular Fan Theory

Real Pokemon GO Christmas Event Might Be Starting Today

Don’t get me wrong; I’m absolutely loving being able to catch/hatch Christmas Pikachu and the Gen 2 babies, but I’m not alone in thinking that, as far as Pokemon GO events go, this is kind of weak in comparison to the Halloween and Thanksgiving events. And, according to one popular theory from over on Reddit, the real Pokemon GO Christmas event might be starting today!

And, I mean, even if this particular theory is incorrect, surely there will be a part 2 coming at some point before Christmas. After all, Halloween gave us double candy (quadruple for buddies) and an increased spawn rate of spooky Pokemon, and Thanksgiving gave us double XP and Stardust. There’s no reason to believe that we aren’t getting something as good as that for Christmas.

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But hey, let’s move on to the theory, shall we? (The key-word here is theory, so please, don’t get your hopes up!) This is what Reddit user Korvokare posted to the ‘The Silph Road’ subreddit:

“I believe I have figured out Niantics pattern for events, and what we got on Monday was just a pinch of what’s to be expected. For starters, looking at every nest migration you will notice it happens on the 1st, 3rd (and sometimes 5th) Thursday of each month. This pattern has not changed so they obviously care about being punctual.

Now lets take a look at the halloween event. The day of announcement and activation of the halloween event. Oct 26th 2016. (Wednesday) . Next the Thanksgiving announcement active November 23rd 2016(Wednesday). If my theory is correct we can look forward to the real Christmas event starting either the 14th(today), or the 21st.”

Real Pokemon GO Christmas Event Might Be Starting Today

What Korvokare is saying is that, for both the Halloween and Thanksgiving event, the actual event began on a Wednesday. As well as previous events beginning on Wednesdays, nest migrations occur on Thursdays. Say what you will about Niantic, but they are very punctual when it comes to these schedules.

And so according to Korvokare’s theory, the real Pokemon GO Christmas event might be starting today (since today is a Wednesday). And, if not today, they theorize that there’s a chance that the event will start next Wednesday instead.

If you ask me, I think that if there is going to be a “real” Christmas event coming, it won’t be until next Wednesday. Why? Two main reasons: 1) Christmas Pikachu will become unavailable on the 29th of December, and 2) Both the Halloween and Thanksgiving events ran for around a week. 

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I think we’ll see a week (maybe 8 day) long event start on the 21st and end on the 29th of December. It would start on a Wednesday (next Wednesday, as the theory suggests), and it would end after (approximately) a week, and on the same date that Christmas Pikachu disappears.

But what do you think about this theory? Do you think that the real Pokemon GO Christmas event might be starting today? Or how about next Wednesday? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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